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Negative report not required to enter Goa for fully vaccinated residents & workers till Aug 5

In view of the controlled infection rate, the Bombay High Court at Goa allowed fully vaccinated state residents and employees posted there, to enter the territory without a COVID negative report. Reportedly, the bench of judges has permitted the workforce across a range of sectors including labour, manufacturing and industries. In addition to this, the provisions of the order shall be applicable to businessmen in the state and those citizens who have to commute outside Goa for medical or work purposes.

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Goa to follow Maharashtra like SOP for travellers from Delhi to contain rise in Coronavirus cases

Coronavirus pandemic is gaining momentum once again in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, in what many have termed as the 'third wave of infection'. By consequence, states like Maharashtra and other such prime targets of COVID have special protocols for travellers visiting from the NCR and now Goa too has planned on implementing the same protocols.

Fearing the onset of the second wave of the virus, Goa's Health Minister has stated that the state will adopt Maharashtra like SOPs for Delhi passengers arriving by trains and flights in view of a possible domestic infection surge given the increase in tourist influx.

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Hotels & travel agents in Goa, may soon be required to be registered on online portals

Last year, Goa's state government had established a set of regulations which required online travel aggregators to be registered under the purview of the tourism department. Now the authorities have devised rules to expedite the registration process and the renewal of services. The mandate draft states that hotels and other forms of accommodations in Goa, which are not registered with the concerned authority, will not be allowed to be listed or displayed by the online service providers.

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Good news for visitors! Goa revokes the transit permit to enter state

In accordance with the Union Ministry's order of no special e-passes, transit permissions or separate approvals for inter and intra state travel, the Goan government has withdrawn the need of travel permits for visitors to enter the state. This decision however does not impose any changes in the established screening and quarantine protocols for tourists and visitors upon arrival in the state.

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Goa government issues new entry & isolation guidelines for travellers

The government of Goa has set-up new guidelines, operating protocol and procedures for all travellers reaching Goa by any transportation mode. The Airport Authority of India has also revealed that a mandatory paid institutional quarantine will be levied on all symptomatic patients until they test negative of the novel coronavirus. Rules for travel via road and railways have also been altered and here is what travellers need to note:

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