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Shining amidst serene mangroves, the vibrant Vanxim islet in Goa is bird lover's paradise

Resting on the edges of the Mandovi River, the sister islands of Divar and Chorao are easy to spot. But what lies beyond our vision is the astoundingly beautiful tiny islet called Vanxim situated on the backside of Divar. Vanxim or Vanusim as it is also called is a very small island that shines like a piece of jewel amidst the blossom of beautiful mangroves on all sides. The spectacular island is home to a large number of migratory avian beauties, making it a birdwatchers' paradise.

A haven for all fascinated by historical churches

With just 40 families on the island involved in farming or fishing, Vanxim is a magical escape from hustle and bustle of the busy touristy locales of Goa. The island houses a small Church of Santo Cristo which was constructed in 1879 AD. Not just this, the peaceful island also encapsulates another church called the Chapel of the Miraculous Cross which is frequented by people every year, to get their wishes fulfilled. Among the most special months for the island are those of April and May when Vanxim marks special occasions and becomes a witness to multiple feasts and revelries.

River Cross, one of the major attractions

When you would be on your trail to Vanxim from Noara, you are bound to be fascinated by the River cross. This interesting structure in the middle of the river was built by the locals who constructed it in memory of Dr. Louis Cabral. Folklore says that Dr. Cabral drowned at this spot when his canoe tumbled in the river while he was on his route to see a patient on the islet. Known as CapĆ£o in colonial times, Vanxim is a treasury for a number of stories like this.

While Vanxim could be accessed only by a canoe in the past times, you can reach it now by taking a ferry from Divar. If you plan a visit to this captivating islet untouched by modern times, you must know it lacks the amenities of the day. Vanxim has no shops, schools or even medical facilities. For all the basic requirements, you will have to travel back to Divar or the mainland. So, make sure you pack enough of your needed provisions while travelling to Vanxim.

Knock Knock

If you have had enough of the 'cool' experiences jostling amidst the crowds of Goa, Vanxim serves as an escape full of peace. Promising to be a blissful adventure, the islet deserves to be high up on your itinerary, on your next Goa trip. We assure you would be thanked by your travel-partners for having discovered this hidden gem.

A pandora of scenic scapes & historical wonders, Harvalem Caves in Goa deserves your attention

Like any other place, Goa has been popularised by its stereotypes as the land of beaches but if you look keenly, there is so much more in addition to the sunny coastline here. On the flipside of booze-thrills and chill scenes that usually define Goa, stands the glorious and historically significant Harvalem Caves with lush waterfalls in the vicinity that will take you closer to the culture, beauty, nature and wonders of this state, that are otherwise left unexplored.

Located near Bicholim and Sequelim towns in North Goa, this place has a few attractions which will keep you occupied for a day, offering you a unique blend of adventure in the stills of nature!

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Goa government identifies 8 hospitals for the first phase of the COVID-19 immunization drive

Ahead of the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccination in the country, major states have already undertaken various necessary preparations, including the identification of vaccination sites and registration of healthcare and other frontline workers. On similar lines, the Goa government has marked 8 hospitals for the first phase of the COVID-19 immunization process and around 19,000 health workers will be a part of the drive.

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Unwind in the calm & serenity of the picturesque Gaglibaga Beach in South Goa

Deriving its name by virtue of its location along the banks of the Gaglibag River, the Gaglibaga Beach is about a kilometre-long coastline in Canacona, South Goa, which can be best described as a hidden treasure. Untouched by the grips of commercialization and urbanisation, this beach is also one of the most scenic beaches in the coastal state. So if you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon, you need to pay the pristine beach a visit and take in all the peace and calm it has to offer.

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A day-out at the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary will reveal an unseen dimension in Goa

There's a lot to the state of Goa beyond its happening beach parties and casino scenes, and if you are someone who is planning a trip to the coastal state for the first time or somebody who frequently chills at the beautiful Goa beaches, you need to look at Goa from an all-new lens this holiday season!

While the state's coastline has a charm that nobody can escape, it is time you traverse to the interiors and witness the diverse flora and fauna which will rejuvenate your tired souls in the laps of nature! One such place on our list of recommendations is the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the northeastern region of the state. Spread over a lush expanse of 8 square kilometre, it is one of the smallest sanctuaries in Goa, located 38 km from Margao. However, with its rose parks, botanical gardens, zoo and safari parks, it is more than enough to keep you engaged on a day-out of exploration!

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