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Got the jab? Celebrate with THESE 9 exclusive KnockOFF privileges in Lucknow!

If you're a Lucknowite who has a keen appetite for the finer things in life, then there's no way that you haven't heard of KnockOFF or aren't a member already! Lucknow comes with its own set of perks and this membership plan is the latest of it all, hitting the bull's eye like no other. Since its launch in March, KnockOFF has wooed hedonists with its exemplary spread of offers and this time around, there are 9 exclusive deals up for grabs by all the vaccinated members only. So if you're a part of the KnockOFF fam or are looking for reasons to invest in any of its membership options, then read on to check out the privileges!

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In a revamped avatar & at a new address, Healthy Panda cafe is now open to serve you!

Embracing culinary trends while staying true to its roots, is what Lucknow's cafes are famed for and the number of such establishments in town, seems to be snowballing by the day! Speaking of such eateries in town, we cannot help but mention Healthy Panda, located in Gomti Nagar. This cafe now has a new avatar and address, so if you're a health-conscious eater or even just a person who likes to hog on food without keeping a tab on calories, then you better bookmark this one right away!

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5 salad spots in Lucknow which are helping us to shed those extra kilos!

Salads sit on the side of almost every other meal and sometimes, a bowl of it is a meal in itself. They make for a refreshing snack when it's too hot or cold to cook and an appetizer, for when we want to nibble on something without intaking much calories. Be it with our greens or favourite seasonal fruits, we love them for what they are- fresh, filling and a consolation, when we want to shed the jiggle from our waists. So if you dig salads as much as we do, then here are 5 places in Lucknow which serve the best salads in town!

Holy Monkey

Located in Mahanagar, Holy Monkey is a place where you can celebrate your cheat day or just grab a quick bowl of salad on the go! When here, go for the Beat The Heat salad or if you're looking for a meaty option, Sweet Love is gonna serve you right. You can even add extra veggies or chicken to your order, if you feel like.

Healthy Panda

A popular name in Gomti Nagar, Healthy Panda has a range of salads which are fresh and yum, to say the least! Grab their Mediterranean-Falafel Salad or maybe the Avocado Chicken one if you're craving for something on the lines of savoury. But if you're in the mood for something sweet, go for the Very Berry one, which is synonymous to freshness and health.

The Fresh Factory

The Fresh Factory's salad choices are limited but they're absolutely power-packed! If you're ordering in or dropping by here, we'd suggest you to go for The Garden Fresh Caesar Salad and we also have a soft spot for the Thai Raw Papaya Salad with a dressing of Soy Chilli Lime- yum!

The Nutrient Box

If it's your cheat day, you've gotta be at The Nutrient Box. Period. Order for the Chicken Tikka Salad or the Mega Fish Salad and you'll be here on your next cheat day too! We also love the Good Vibes bowl and the secret behind it, has to be the parsley tahini yoghurt dressing.

Crave Fit

A cloud kitchen especially designed for the fitness freaks, Crave Fit is like a dream come true for people who can't let go of food yet are conscious about what goes in their body. The Grilled Chicken Salad is an absolute delight and the Lemon Herb Mediterranean Chicken Salad, is our go-to order.

Knock Knock

So if you have been willing to checkout some health-eating places, do drop by these salad spots and lettuce know which one you liked the best! We're sure all of them are taking enough precautionary measures to serve you better so please, do your bit too and ply with the covid protocols in place.

Have you tried these 7 kick-ass shakes from these places in Lucknow?

Our cravings for shakes can never be satiated by just downing one, once in a while. It's a constant yen at the back of our foodie subconscious which prompts us to reach out for variants of shakes, every other day. Just like a good meal, a perfectly whipped up serving of shake can get us all fuzzy from the insides and put a smile on our faces!

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