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29 eateries of Lucknow which have stood the test of time, in the most delicious ways!

With a plethora of epicurean delights keeping our palates busy here, Lucknow is a food savvy city like no other. A raging hotspot for foodies, over the years Lucknow has welcomed homegrown and other food-beverage brands alike.

The City of Nawabs surely has umpteen eateries to shush our motley of cravings in the most delicious ways. But out of this multi-cuisine lot, we've listed 29 iconic establishments in Lucknow which have stood the test of time, both in terms of quality and quantity!

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Idris Biryani: Our favourite Biryani place in Lucknow is now open!

Nothing can top the love we Lucknowites have for the amazing grub this city has to offer. From mouth-watering Kulcha Nihari to delicious Tunday ke kebabs, Lucknow has plenty of street food options to keep us bhukkhads happy all the time. However, the lockdown changed our lives and hasn't left us with many options.

And that's exactly why this piece of news will make all the hardcore biryani lovers jump with excitement! After months of dreaming and wondering, it's finally time to treat your tastebuds to your favourite Idris ki Biryani.

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