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IIM Lucknow partners with IIT-K & IIT-BHU to develop an oxygen audit system for COVID relief

IIM Lucknow has announced its partnership with IIT-K and IIT-BHU to develop an audit platform for promoting the efficient use of available oxygen resources. This virtual management platform will be used by the government machinery to optimize oxygen usage and save the life-sustaining gas by cutting down on excessive consumption. Making sure that the software is free from all glitches, it is being prepared through pooled efforts of three top-notch institutes in Uttar Pradesh.

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IIT Kanpur's virtual audit platform to support optimal use of oxygen for COVID patients

In an attempt to promote better management of oxygen resources, the Indian IIT-Kanpur will develop software for auditing and monitoring the use of this life-sustaining gas. After this virtual platform for assessing and reviewing oxygen usage is prepared, it shall be handed over to the government for optimal utilisation of the limited supplies. In addition to this, the institute has also partnered with I2 Cure for research on 'Bioshield', a testified protection against COVID.

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