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Officials of Indore's Manpur are drumming for attention; here's why!

In an incredible initiative, officials in Manpur town of Indore deployed drum-beating to motivate citizens for taking the COVID vaccine jab. As a part of this venture, the activity was performed outside the homes of individuals, who have not taken their immunity booster doses till now. Reportedly, this scheme has been executed with an objective to encourage non-vaccinated citizens by boosting their curiosity and spreading awareness amongst them.

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Over 1.25 lakh beneficiaries to be benefitted in Indore today, under Vaccination Maha Abhiyan!

Aimed at magnifying the inoculation program in the city, a week-long Vaccination Maha Abhiyan is being witnessed in Indore. As a part of this, 1.25 lakh citizens will be given immunity booster jabs on Wednesday. Reportedly, the collector and district in-charge minister stated that the goal is to achieve 100% immunisation during the period of this initiative. Notably, the highest-ever count of nearly 7 lakh vaccine jabs was administered on Monday fuelling the project on its maiden day.

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Vaccination on wheels facility by AIMP to begin tomorrow in the industrial areas of Indore!

Scaling up the inoculation program in Indore, a mobile van will be deployed for conducting vaccination on wheels. As per reports, this flagship scheme has been initiated by the Association of Industries Madhya Pradesh (AIMP) to boost the ongoing drives in the city. With an objective of expanding vaccination coverage to 1.5 lakh factory workers and their family members residing in the industrial areas of Indore, the van will begin its journey from Wednesday.

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Indore's vaccination tallies break all records with more than 75k jabs given on a single day!

In a remarkable victory, vaccination drives in Indore registered a new record with the inoculation of more than 75,000 beneficiaries on Saturday. As per reports, the maximum count of vaccinated individuals lies in the 18-44 category, for this day. Besides, large numbers of senior citizens and those in the 45+ category also received their immunity booster jabs. As of now, a total of 14,33,246 doses of the lifesaving vaccine have been administered to residents across the city.

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1st dose of COVID vax for 45-plus citizens in Indore will not be administered today

In view of the limited stocks of COVID vaccine, district health authorities in Indore have decided that first dose immunisation will not be allowed to citizens above 45 on Saturday. Relevant directives in this regard were given a day after the Covishield inoculation for the people in this age group was canceled for May 13 and 15. As per the latest reports, the second dose will be administered today but the first dose will not be allowed.

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