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Movable diagnostic vehicles to conduct Rapid Antigen Tests across rural areas of Jaipur

As the pandemic situation in the district shows flickering signs of hope, the Jaipur administration is implementing a long list of measures to control the spread of contamination. As per the latest developments, movable OPD vehicles are being deployed to conduct Rapid Antigen Tests of citizens residing in rural areas of the city. Reportedly, 22 vans of the city's Health Department will be used for this purpose.

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COVID calamity continues in Jaipur; 4,099 new infections reported on Thursday!

After marginal dips were witnessed in Jaipur's COVID tallies over the past few days, the fresh case count sprung up again on Thursday with 4,099 new detections. Accelerated by this, the count of active patients has reached an alarming figure of 51,210. While recoveries have risen in the past week oscillating around the 3K mark, new infections continue to topple them, thereby expanding the crisis in the state capital.

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Jaipur COVID tallies rise higher with 23.4% of all cases recorded in the last 9 days of May!

With nearly 38,839 cases registered in the last nine days since the start of May, COVID cases in Jaipur have sprung up alarmingly taking the count of active patients to the 50k-mark. As Jaipur remains to be blanketed under the horrifying effects of the second wave of the pandemic, Friday accounted for the highest ever count of 4,902 fresh cases and 3,402 new infections were recorded on Sunday. Further, fatalities have inflated by a perturbing figure of 453 in the last 10 days.

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Free oxygen resources by Jaipur civic body to ensure safety of needy COVID patients!

Pushed by an unequalled surge in infections and a worrisome crunch of resources, medical establishments across the country are faced with a troubling shortage of oxygen supplies. In a move to fix this problem in the city, Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater has started a project to provide cost-free oxygen cylinders and concentrators to the needy infected individuals. Through this life-saving initiative, the civic body attempts to safeguard COVID victims in Jaipur.

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New COVID cases marked at 3,441 in Jaipur with the highest-ever fatalities on Saturday!

Spilling out unmatched fears amongst the citizens in Jaipur, the harrowing effects of the second COVID wave are increasing every day. On Saturday, an alarming number of 3,441 new infections was recorded in the city, stretching the tally of active patients to 39,824. While the recovery count has been stable with 1,348 recoveries registered on Saturday, it is perturbing to note that the highest-ever count of 54 fatalities was marked on the same day.

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