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Fully vaccinated Rajasthan woman who beat COVID in May tests positive for Delta+ strain!

Raising alarms for amplified caution and preventive measures, the first case of the Delta Plus variant was recorded in Rajasthan. After focused examination, the sample of a doubly vaccinated 65-year-old woman from the desert state, who successfully won against the Covid-19 infection in May has tested positive for the Delta Plus strain. With this detection, Rajasthan has entered the group of 9 states where patients of Delta Plus mutant have been recorded.

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Rajasthan government fixes the price for Rapid Antigen Test at ₹200

Sending a sigh of relief among the financially stressed residents of Rajasthan, the government has fixed the price of the rapid antigen test for COVID at ₹200. The decision to charge only the fixed price from patients is applicable to all private labs and hospitals. This verdict by the state government has been issued to tackle the pandemic scenario in Jaipur and other state districts as it will bring quick results and patients will receive a fast medical response.

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Rajasthan Govt permits Covishield 2nd dose at a 28-day gap for people planning abroad travel

Easing the woes of travellers, the Rajasthan Government on Monday issued guidelines to administer an early Covishield second dose for people planning to go abroad. All beneficiaries who have to travel internationally for education, work opportunities or other commitments and those who are a part of the Indian contingent for the Tokyo Olympics, will be listed for the priority jab. It needs to be noted that an early second dose will be provided only if the travel dates are slated before the 84-days waiting period.

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Over 13,000 children in Jaipur test positive amid April-May ahead of an expected third wave!

As experts across the country anticipate a probable third wave of the pandemic and its worrying impact on children, the statistics from Jaipur is raising alarming questions. As per reports, more than 3,500 kids below 10, have tested positive for the virus in April-May and the count hovers around 10,000 for children in the age group 10-20. Given that these numbers are just for the state capital, it can be said that a large count of children must have been affected by the contagion during this period.

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Lockdown in Jaipur & other Rajasthan districts may extend up to May 31 with relaxations

The state of Rajasthan is imploring on the possibility of extending the COVID-19 lockdown across Jaipur and other districts in a bid to prolong the dampened infection spread, awarded by the restrictions. As per reports, the administration may stretch the validity of these curbs from May 24 to May 31 to bolster healing trends across the territory. The final decision will be taken after a virtual review meeting of the cabinet today, read reports. The present lockdown restrictions are in effect since May 10 here.

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