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Fresh COVID-related guidelines issued in Rajasthan amid the festive season

In view of the dipping COVID tallies in Rajasthan, the state government has issued fresh guidelines, including a list of relaxations. Reportedly, the administration has given a green signal to various events in the territory and religious functions are also allowed now. However, not more than 200 people can attend these programs at a time. Besides, the night curfews shall remain effective in Rajasthan from 11 PM to 5 AM every day.

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In a first since April '20, Jaipur reports 0 new COVID cases in the past 48 hours!

In a strong recovery trend, Jaipur has recorded zero fresh COVID cases for two consecutive days on Thursday, for the first time since April 2020. While the city continues to nurse 30 active patients, the highest number across all Rajasthan districts, it also holds the record of yielding maximum recoveries in the state. Besides, Jaipur has not reported even a single COVID death since June, this year.

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Zero fresh COVID-19 cases reported in Jaipur in the last 24 hours

For the first time since the beginning of September, Jaipur reported zero fresh COVID-19 cases on Sunday. This ushers a much-needed pandemic relief for the district, which was yielding the Rajasthan's highest share of fresh cases, every day. The coronavirus active load is presently limited to only 30 patients in Jaipur, marking a significant healing trend here.

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Jaipur records the highest number of new cases in Rajasthan on Wednesday

As several states in India record a COVID-19 spike, the infection meter in Rajasthan has also started to register fresh infections in double digits, raising the pandemic concern here. As per reports, around 12 people testest coronavirus positive for the second day in succession here on Wednesday. This, gradually, is adding to the state's active load which stands at 82 patients as of now.

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Rajasthan becomes the least active COVID state in India with just 84 cases reported on Thursday

The COVID active load in Rajasthan was restricted to a minimum count of 84 cases on Thursday, positioning it as the least infected state in India. While state capital Jaipur shoulders the maximum tally, with 44 ongoing cases, it is notable that around 19 of the 33 districts here nurse 0 active cases. Besides, Rajasthan is also yielding a high 99.1% recovery rate that has capped the death toll to zero virus fatalities for the last one month.

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