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Largest in Rajasthan, Jaipur's 8,000-bed COVID facility to begin operations by April 26

As directed by the Rajasthan Government, the Bilwa Centre of the Radhaswami Satsang Bhawan, is upgrading itself to stand as the largest COVID centre in the state. Amid the alarming swell in the number of coronavirus cases across the state, this Jaipur facility will be able to accommodate about five to eight thousand patients at one time.

Officials have also informed that this infrastructure can be further ramped up to treat around ten thousand patients, if need be. While 500 bed have been stationed here already, the centre will be fully operational by April 26.

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Jaipur's COVID-19 active caseload plummets to negatives as recoveries surpass new cases

December has brought a huge respite to the residents of Jaipur, from the constantly rising number of coronavirus cases. Since December 1, the infection graph of the coronavirus among new hosts has been sloping to smaller figures. This, along with a rising recovery count, has assisted Jaipur to clock a negative active caseload for 11 days in succession, which has further helped to reduce the hospital bed capacity to reduce by half in 13 days!

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Jaipur records 345 new coronavirus cases along with 249 recoveries, on Monday

Though restricted at 0.9%, the virus growth and contagious transmission in the Pink City made its presence felt on Monday when Jaipur recorded 345 fresh COVID-19 cases, higher than daily 249 recoveries. With this addition, Jaipur's total caseload stands at 36,356 with 31,329 recoveries and 386 fatalities.

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Beds in Jaipur's hospitals double up in 7 weeks, will help in combating Coronavirus cases

Jaipur city hospitals and other Covid care centres have doubled up facilities in the last 49 days to counter the daily surge of COVID-19 cases that clock over 300 each day. However, in spite of these boosted services, the city continues to struggle with little to no vacancies in all 46 city hospitals, including 7 government institutions and 39 private ones.

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Jaipur's covid tally marked at 35,319 as yet; recovery ratio of Rajsthan at 91.2%

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur has reported 35,319 confirmed corona cases till date and 30,329 patients have recuperated and gone back home. Within a day's time, the city recorded 307 corona victims and as of today, the number of active cases is pegged at 197. As of 6th November, the state has conducted 38,44,472 tests and the active ratio stands at 7.8% while the recovery ratio is marked at 91.2%. Although the corona tally is on a steady decline according to official numbers, the city's private and corporate hospitals are witnessing packed hospital beds.

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