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New IPD tower & an Institute of Cardiology building to come up at Jaipur's SMS Hospital

Strengthening the medical infrastructure of the city, the SMS Hospital is all set to house expanded facilities including an Institute of Cardiology. Additionally, reports state that the hospital will become the first healthcare facility in the state to have a helipad atop a 22 floored building. In order to speed up the implementation of this program, firms are being roped in to clear the quarters and other residential structures, where the establishment of the new centres is proposed.

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Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Corporation begins training drives for beggars in Jaipur

In a bid to transform Jaipur into a beggar-free city, the Rajasthan government has initiated a program to equip vagabonds with life-sustaining skills and training. As a part of this, beggars have been spotted from various locations in the city and they are being coached in an array of jobs now. Reportedly, more than 850 beggars are being tutored with the necessary skills to become cooks, caterers, tailors amongst others.

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Jaipur's Regional Science Centre to house 'Hall of Nuclear Power Gallery' soon

In an attempt to boost extensive progress for the state, the Rajasthan Government has always prioritised developments in the field of science and technology. In the latest string of events, the state administration has decided to establish the 'Hall of Nuclear Power Gallery' at the Regional Science Centre and Science Park, Jaipur. As per reports, this project is being implemented in association with the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Mumbai.

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Josh Community website launched in Jaipur to provide free sanitary pads to females in schools & NGOs

With an aim to benefit females in the city, an innovative Josh Community website was recently launched in Jaipur. On this online portal, schools and NGOs across the city can get registered and place orders for sanitary pads, at no cost. Reportedly, the Co-Founder and Director of the organisation, Roma Vaidya, informed that this facility named 'Josh Social Exchange' attempts to provide free sanitary napkins to women and girls from the underprivileged sections of the society.

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