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7 eateries in Lucknow where you can head for a kebab spree, this winter season

When we think of Lucknow, it just feels like the whiff of hot kebab-parathas with sprinkles of nimbu alongside a serving of fresh pyaaz, has suddenly appeared out of the blue, just to tease our taste buds into giving in. Lucknowi biryani is surely a godsent palate pleaser but the royal combination of kebab and paratha, is the quintessential nawabi dish that the city is also tagged for.

So if you're in the city, during this pleasant chilly season, then you've gotta get out (armed with a mask and sanitizer of course) on a kebab spree. To ease your search, we have listed out 7 heavenly kebab destinations for a delicious winter ahead & you better bookmark this right away!

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