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Add zest to your Saturday night as DJ Lemon leads the partaayy scenes at Lucknow's Bigg Daddy!

This week is drawing near to a close and if your phone is already buzzin' with messages like "What scenes on Saturday?", then keep reading.

One of our staple chill hubs in Lucknow, Bigg Daddy has time and again looped in a plethora of prominent artistes to its premises and this weekend too, it is gonna be no different. Bringing in the expertise of his decade long career to the music deck at Bigg Daddy, DJ Lemon will be making sure to jazz up our night with his zesty high octane playlist! Wanna be a part of the crowd? We've got the deets covered exclusively for y'all.

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Sangrias, burgers & more at JUST ₹199 here at Lucknow's Bigg Daddy! Offer valid till February 28

When in Lucknow, you can trust Bigg Daddy to amp up your mood with its plush vibes and wicked cool deals! With budget offers, good food and crafty drinks coupled with a kick-ass ambience, Daddy keeps winning us over and this month too, they've left no stone unturned to make us feel welcomed. So if you're in the city and have been scouting for a place to hang out at with your buddies or bae, then come over to Bigg Daddy!

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Daddy's treat: Get unlimited LIITs @₹51 each from Nov 5 to Nov 8 at Bigg Daddy in Lucknow!

Just last week, Lucknow's Bigg Daddy opened up its arms to embrace us once again and now within a short span of time, it has yet again become one of those happening chill hubs in the city. This swanky restobar has our hearts and we look forward to every reason of being here. Now this season, Bigg Daddy is hosting live IPL screenings every evening and this place is bowling us over with the largest screen in town. Not just this. If you're a LIIT person, then you can grab one here at JUST ₹51.

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