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Tough times for Lucknow's Chikankari industry; State govt. plans virtual exhibition to support workers

With roots in the culturally rich past of India, chikankari has been Awadh's shaan aur maan for decades now. Every Lakhnavi has at least one piece of chikan item in their wardrobe because the versatility of chikan clothing is simply unmatched. Be it a light flowy kurta for office or an intricately stitched saree for an evening function; chikan comes in handy during all occasions. The snaking bylanes of Gol Darwaza, has always been brimming with tourists and city folks and the constant haggling noises are a part of the shopping experience here. But since the time the pandemic has lashed out in the city, the chikankari industry has been hanging by a thread, leaving the karigars without any means of earning.

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