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Lucknow's florists struggle through the 2nd COVID wave with dropped sales & wilting hopes!

Once a bouquet of bright blossoms, the flower markets in Lucknow have now turned into deserted areas with no or very little business activity. Severely affected by the pandemic-propelled lockdown, the florists are forced to suffer amidst a hard tryst with plummeting sales and wilting stocks. With restraints on weddings, social events and public functions and limitations on entry in religious places, the flower shops are undergoing a financial crunch for the second year in a row!

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Oxygen generators to be set up across Lucknow & all UP districts in a bid to supplement 02 stocks!

In a bid to augment oxygen supplies in Uttar Pradesh, two wings of the state machinery have come forward and joined hands to set up oxygen generators in each of the state's 75 districts. As per reports, the excise and sugar industry and sugarcane development department of the UP government, will be installing such oxygen production equipment throughout the territory. Reportedly, the intervention has already been initiated in more than 25 districts while the project is underway at other places.

Move towards enhanced supplies of oxygen throughout the state

As per reports, the installation work is either complete or nearing completion in more than 10 districts. With the oxygen generators established at the sugar mills or the centres of the Excise Department, hospitals and medical centres encompassing around 35-45 beds will be benefitted from an uninterrupted supply of oxygen. Reportedly, the choice of the hospitals would be based on the collective discretion of the DM and the CMO.

According to reports, the project at each centre is being financed by a sum of nearly ₹50-60 lakhs and Air India will deliver the related equipment to the concerned areas. Once these plans are extensively implemented, the state stands assured with an amplified supply of oxygen across all its districts.

More than 25k cases recorded in Uttar Pradesh for over 20 days in a row!

With 26,636 fresh cases of the COVID virus on Saturday, the tallies have marked a daily progression of more than 25,000 for the 3rd day in continuity. Due to this, the count of active patients in the state has been consistently high, resulting in a greater number of severe and critical cases, most of which require immediate oxygen therapy. Given the fact that more than 3k cases have been registered in the past 8 days, every step focused on elevating oxygen inventories is very crucial.

5 latest initiatives announced by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation amid resounding COVID chaos!

In an attempt to provide relief to the city dwellers troubled by the second COVID wave, Lucknow Municipal Corporation is leaving no stone unturned to undertake swift and proactive measures. Despite the enlarged fear of infection, the workers and frontline staff from LMC have turned into COVID warriors, assuring all possible support to the city's human infrastructure. Taking its legacy of committed efforts further, the civic body has recently announced these 5 plans to tackle the COVID mayhem!

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Hackathon by Lucknow's AKTU to find inventive solutions for the ongoing oxygen crisis!

Amid heightening oxygen demands across the country, the APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University in Lucknow, is going to organise a hackathon aimed at finding optimal solutions for the LMO crisis. Inviting participation from students, teachers and research fellows, the event will be a race to devise innovative and optimal solutions for reducing wastage, leakage and losses. All interested individuals can apply through the registration portal on the university website by May 10 (5 PM).

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O2 concentrators can now be claimed for free by state officials in Lucknow & other UP districts

In a high-level COVID-19 review meeting conducted on Friday, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet has permitted state government officers and employees to avail free oxygen concentrators with their medical reimbursement entitlement. It simply implies that the UP government will incur the cost of O2 concentrators for its employees. The economic respite will be soon authorised by an official circular, as per the directives of the Chief Minister.

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