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Lucknow J.C.P Naveen Arora, talks about Coronavirus & how the Police Force is tackling it​

Along with medical professionals, police officers too, are the frontliners who deserve all our appreciation. These forces have been putting their life on the line, on a daily basis just to take care of us and in return, they merely expect us to stay home. So in a conversation with Lucknow J.C.P Naveen Arora, we discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the police department and the city as a whole.

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150+ patients recovered from Covid-19 in Lucknow this week!

The recovery rate has improved in Lucknow this week as 155 Covid-19 patients recovered in the city. Presently, 390 Lucknowites are being treated for Covid-19.

During such times when news is nothing but disturbing, it is also essential to keep our eyes focused on the hopeful part of the situation. Although Uttar Pradesh has around 21,500 confirmed cases of corona at the moment, there are only 6685 active cases.

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12 men found in Lucknow's Sadar are from Saharanpur; area disinfected

Lucknow has been under the radar when it comes to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country. While the last Covid 19 positive case in Lucknow on 31st March, after being virus free for 9 days, 12 new cases have surfaced in the city, yesterday itself. The number of positive cases in Lucknow soared yesterday after 12 men who were found in the city's Sadar mosque tested positive for the life claiming disease.

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