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Get yourself vaccinated for free at the CA Helping Hand Foundation Camp in Lucknow today!

Several support groups and organisations have been working round the clock in Lucknow in order to provide the citizens, ways to support their fight against the pandemic. From free medical supplies to free food for those in need, there have been several campaigns in the last two years, that have provided relief to lakhs of people. One such volunteer group that has actively been working in Lucknow is the CA Helping Hand Foundation, run by a young bunch of noble enthusiasts. The group is back again with a free vaccination campaign for all, which is happening at three locations in the city currently.

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A united force of Lucknow citizens, Team Madad Karona is gallantly fighting the pandemic perils!

Amid the testing times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is certain that the present-day heroes have upgraded from capes to PPE suits and masks and the volunteer group of Team Madad Karona is yet another testament to this fact. A unified association of helping hands from Lucknow and other cities, this force started off in 2020 as a support group to provide food and other essentials to migrant workers. However, with the swell of infection of this year, the team has come forward as a pandemic relief for all those in need.

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CA Helping Hand Foundation in Lucknow is looking for volunteers to relay pandemic relief!

The coronavirus pandemic has altered our lives forever, moulding our perspectives to suit the 'new normal'. This era has proven yet again, that not all heroes wear capes but PPE Kits and masks and this is your chance to join the squad! The CA Helping Hand Foundation in Lucknow, a network of young CA's against the perils of COVID-19, is calling out for your support. The outfit seeks your strength to build a longer chain of COVID-19 aid, a link that can cage the spread of woes amid the grave hours.

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