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In a milestone victory, Lucknow's vaccination tally surges past the one million mark!

In a landmark victory against the COVID pandemic, Lucknow's vaccination achievement crossed over the 10-lakh mark on Friday with the inoculation of around 23,388 beneficiaries. This spectacular boost in the vaccination numbers has been attributed to the launch of mega vaccination centres in Lucknow under UP's Mission June initiative.

The District Magistrate congratulated the team on the success and rapid target fulfilment. He also highlighted that the state capital is the first city in North India to successfully administer over 1 million doses since the launch of the vaccination campaign in January 2021.

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UP launches special COVID vaccination drive, focused on people aged 45 & above

In a bid to build state immunity against the resurging coronavirus, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday launched a special focused COVID vaccination drive to immunise people of different social groups who are above 45 years of age. As per reports, the targeted vaccination drive will be conducted across all districts, including Lucknow, till April 23, under the charge of Chief Medical Officers.

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More than 50% of healthcare workers in Lucknow complete COVID inoculation process

Amid rising COVID cases in recent times, the vaccination schedules in Lucknow have brought good news. As per reports, over 50% of the health workers in the state capital have been administered both jabs of the vaccine, completing the entire process of immunisation. Taking the total count of such beneficiaries to 36,693, this accomplishment was reflected in the records, post the inoculation drive on Friday.

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Over 12,500 people get their first Covid-19 vaccine shot in Lucknow on Friday!

The Health Division in Lucknow successfully immunised about 50% of health workers in the city by vaccinating an additional 1,544 healthcare workers on Friday. As per reports, there are about 68,519 health officials in the state capital and about 36,693 of these have been completed the vaccination course, with two doses, jabbed 28 days apart. About 135 centres have been modelled as vaccination centres in Lucknow and are actively administering the coronavirus vaccine in Lucknow, inching it closer to total immunity.

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Lucknow prepares 61 vaccine centres, ahead of national COVID-19 immunization drive on Jan 16

The administration of Lucknow has identified 61 vaccination centres in the city which will be inducted in the 1st phase of the COVID-19 immunization drive, set to start on January 16, throughout the nation. The first phase of this drive will vaccinate a total of 51,000 healthcare workers as shortlisted by the state authorities.

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