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Light up your Diwali with warm smiles & sweet delights from these 4 places in Lucknow

Diwali is around the corner and one cannot talk of the festivities without thinking about the sweet delights that come along. Be it a gifting option or one to indulge in, we're always looking for those delish treats, wrapped in new flavours to add sweetness to our happy celebrations! And when you've got Lucknow's most iconic dessert connoisseurs curating it all, with a heavy garnish of love and warmth, you sure are in for a lit festival this year.

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Add more sweetness to your Diwali celebrations with a Delicacy Box from The Hazelnut Factory

The Diwali season has already got our hearts craving for those festive munchies and we've yet again traced our steps to The Hazelnut Factory to satiate those sweet-tooth cravings! Well, being the patisserie genius it is, THF has curated a brand new mithai collection, and we're all excited to try the new flavours. These sweet delights by THF, packed in new and elegant boxes make for a perfect Diwali gift for your loved ones!

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Lucknow's All 'Bout Desserts is the cakery you need to check out, this Diwali season

Being a dessertarian in Lucknow, comes with its endless perks! The city's dessert horizon is expansive and we can never get enough of the cutesy bakeries and cafes here. On similar lines, if you reside in Indira Nagar or near the Bhoothnath Market, you must've heard about All 'Bout Desserts- the cakery and cafe which has been winning the palates of dessert lovers across the city. As you step in here, the sweet aroma of baked goods just fills your nostrils and the bakery showcase displaying a wide range of treats, grabs your attention within a jiffy! So if you're looking to bag a few yummy goodies this Diwali, give ABD a quick visit.

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These 5 places in Lucknow have the perfect gifting options for you, this Diwali!

The festival of lights is enroute and although we've gotta be toned down this year, our festivity will surely include exchanging gifts and sharing the love, like alwaysss. But picking the perfect gift for our loved ones is a hassle for sure because the presents HAVE TO be nothing less than perfect! So to junk your worries away, we've curated a list of 5 places in Lucknow, which you can check out for your Diwali gifts' shopping.

The Hazelnut Factory

The Hazelnut Factory

Famed for their delicious sweets and freshly baked-to-perfection treats, every season, Lucknow's The Hazelnut Factory comes up with its unique range of gift boxes, baskets and thalis, which capture the essence of the celebrations like no other. THF has yet again introduced a gamut of sweet boxes and more, which are the perfect gifting options- be it for corporate courtesies or a welcome present for house guests or vice versa. The price range of their gift boxes start from ₹450 and goes up to ₹5,250, therefore, there's something for everyone.

All 'Bout Desserts Bakery

A recent member in the bandwagon of bakeries in Lucknow, ABD Bakery is winning hearts and palates with its modest offerings, which are oh-soo-delish and economical too. ABD has curated Diwali hampers, which are not only pocket-friendly but are also wrapped in goodness. They have a variety of hampers and gift baskets which start from ₹400 and the most expensive one is marked at ₹1500! So if you're near Indira Nagar, make sure to drop by at All 'Bout Desserts.

Melting Point

Situated at the Dayal Paradise compound, Melting Point has exquisite Diwali hampers up for grabs! They've ensured that their offerings fit everyone's budgets so you can choose from 3 gifting options which are marked at ₹1100, ₹2100 and ₹5100. These baskets have a variety of items including but not limited to 2 sorts of tea cakes, 5 variants of macarons, flavoured chocolates, biscuits, chocolate bars, tea bags, muffins, brownies, iced tea. If you're indulging in the luxurious basket which is pegged at ₹5100, you'll even get a funky lantern with it.

Krishn Bhog

With an assorted range of sweetmeats, baked goodies and wholesome Diwali hampers, Krishn Bhog in Lucknow, is here to seal the deal for you! Be it kaju barfi, gulab jamun or simply, some freshly baked treats, you can just pick any or all of them to stock up your fridge this festive season. But if you're looking for a gifting option, their Diwali baskets are gonna light up the recipient's mood for sure!

Cake O' Clock

With a range of delectable offerings and gifting choices, Cake O' Clock just nails it every season! This year, Cake O' Clock has launched a variety of options for you to choose from- various sets of Poker Boxes with goodies like macarons, lavash, cake balls, baklava, tea cakes and so on. All in all, they have set 4 ranges for you with diverse offerings, so that there's something for everyone's pockets. There are also customizable Diwali hampers available and for more information, contact them at +91 95544 44462 and place your orders!

So just bookmark these places right away and head out to pick up your preferred Diwali hampers and baskets for your loved ones! You're surely gonna thank us later for saving you from the hassles of gifting.

This Diwali, shop from Lucknow's famous markets & light up the lives of local vendors!

Diwali is just around the corner and our plan right now is to scrap things off our shopping lists ASAP! Although the celebrations this year are gonna be toned down due to the pandemic, we still have a lot to do at home- make rangolis, Diwali special jhaadu-pochha, decorate the house and the list simply goes on. So if you're planning on stepping out soon to bag the festive items, give the local markets in Lucknow a thought instead of the malls and other flourishing businesses. We're absolutely rooting for #VocalforLocal because during such testing times, low-scale businesses and vendors need your attention and support!

Bhoothnath Market

Lucknow's Bhoothnath Market is hailed as the Mecca for shoppers during this time of the year and no matter what your budget is, you'll find something here for sure. The roads are packed with hawkers and there are innumerable stalls offering us a spread of various items, ranging from vibrant diyas to organic colours for rangoli, paper lights to gifting items- you'll find it all here! Bhoothnath offers us a selection of fancy lights, home decor articles and other things, which you don't need but will probably end up buying anyway! So go over, maintain distance, wear a mask and start shelling out on local products.

Aminabad Market

Aminabad Market is one of the cheapest markets in Lucknow and if you wanna grab a few decor items like mats, diyas, lights and so on within a stipulated budget, this is your next stop! This year, to celebrate Diwali on a green note, you'll find diyas made of cow dung here, which are selling like hot cakes and also, the usual namkeen stalls are currently operational too. Aminabad is famed for its variety of articles and also moreover for the crammed lanes, so you've gotta be careful here- masks and sanitizers here are a must and if you're beyond the age of 50-55 or are pregnant, do avoid this area.

Aliganj Market

If you're looking for pretty diyas, candles or intricately done idols of Ganesh-Laxmi, head out to Lucknow's Aliganj Market. This hub of budget-friendly decorations, has always been our go-to during festivities. This market also has beautiful earthen pots and pieces for you to take home and if you're looking for gifting options, these are gonna impress even the most discerning relatives or guests.

Instead of crackers, light up someone's life this Diwali!

This year, we are ushering in the festivities on the lines of the new normal and in this phase, we have to support each other as we're all in this together! So instead of lighting up firecrackers, consider lighting up someone's life this Diwali- surely, it'll be a happier one then.