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New street lights to be installed along Kamta, Chinhat & Matiyari flyovers in Lucknow!

In a bid to upgrade road safety and prevent accidents in the city, Lucknow's Kamta, Chinhat and Matiyari flyovers will be equipped with street lights by November. Lying on the Lucknow-Ayodhya road, the three flyovers will get around 400 poles on a stretch of 5Km, approximately. A joint venture of NHAI, Lucknow Municipal Corporation and Public Works Department, the project will be implemented at a proposed cost of ₹4 crores.

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10 new flyovers to be set up on Lucknow Hardoi road in a bid to resolve traffic woes!

In an attempt to assure better connectivity and easier commuter between Lucknow and the towns of Hardoi and Shahjahanpur, 10 new flyovers will be built on the Lucknow Hardoi Road. Linking Kakori to Sandila Border, the 30-km long route caters to nearly 2 lakh individuals and traffic jams are witnessed here regularly. Once the proposed plans are materialised, the daily travellers will be aided with a relaxed mode of commute after the resolution of traffic woes.

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New Tedhipulia flyover in Lucknow to open for public, this Friday

Lucknow's new four-laned flyover at Tedhiphulia will be commissioned for public use on April 2, 2021, helping the city dissolve major traffic jams on one of its busiest routes, connecting Munishipulia and Engineering College. An outstanding specimen of modern technology, this overhead road is suspended on a single pillar and stretches for about 1.8-kilometres. As per estimates, this will provide ease of travel and commute to over 1 lakh people, directly benefitting the inhabitants of Aliganj, Khurram Nagar, Jankipuram and other areas in Lucknow.

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Upcoming Flyovers & Link Roads in Lucknow to rid commuters of traffic congestions

In an effort to reduce the road traffic congestion in Lucknow, the authorities have decided to link the Outer Ring Road to Purvanchal Expressway and Agra Expressway. This move will seamlessly connect these two expressways to each other and the bottlenecks at many areas which occur on a daily basis, can be substantially brought down. Further plans suggest that a cloverleaf flyover will be formed to connect the Outer Ring Road and Purvanchal Expressway, near Sultanpur Road, which will be linked to the expressway. Likewise, the Outer Ring Road near Kakori, will be directly affixed to the Agra Expressway.

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2 new flyovers inaugurated in Lucknow in an attempt to reduce traffic congestion

In an attempt to ease the traffic woes faced by Lucknowites, two new flyovers connecting some major areas in Lucknow were inaugurated on Tuesday. Considering the ever-increasing issue of rising traffic on the roads of Lucknow, these two overpasses will significantly help in decongesting the roads, in about 24 localities in old city as well as the Hazratganj-Charbagh road. These endeavours will cut down the commute time and control the overall problem of heightened traffic in Lucknow.

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