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Peeking out of history windows, Vilayati Bagh in Lucknow scripts a story of lost beauty!

Exhibiting their penchant for nature and art, the erstwhile Nawabs of Awadh adorned the city with a string of ornate and expansive gardens. Standing as a storehouse of forgotten tales, Vilayati Bagh is one of the choicest presents of history to today's Lucknow. Claimed to be established by Ghazi-ud-din Haider (1814-27), the garden is located close to the renowned Dilkusha Garden and encapsulates semblances of a flourishing past amid the green environs of the day!

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THESE 11 parks in Lucknow provide for quick breaks & solace amid the city's din!

Housing an uncountable array of attractions, Lucknow is widely known for the way it celebrates its leisure moments. From sprawling gardens that have become symbols of a rich past to recently developed parks, the folks enjoy their happy moments at a string of magnetic recreational spots in the city.

Over time, the significance of some of these landmarks has evolved in such a way that they occupy a special place in Lucknow's tourism circle now. So, if you wish to have a joyful experience while here, here are 11 old and new parks in Lucknow that can rejuvenate your soul, promising you memories for a lifetime!

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