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Ease of living promoted in Lucknow by contactless delivery of essentials ensured by e-commerce!

Holding the current pandemic in view, e-commerce stores across Lucknow have stepped up to alleviate the stress caused due to it in procuring essential items. Adjusting in accordance with the new normal, the city-based e-retail stores have started catering to the needs of their customers by ensuring safe home delivery of quality essentials at fair prices.

This effort on the part of the online grocery shops, like The Sky Store in Lucknow and others, is ensuring the safety of city dwellers by providing them with a contactless shopping experience that aligns with the covid safety protocols.

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The Sky Store in Lucknow is easing grocery shopping with same-day delivery amid COVID crisis

The widespread threat of the second swell of COVID-19 and extended restrictions of the lockdown, has made grocery shopping a task! Thus, in an attempt to mitigate these pandemic woes of the public, The Sky Store in Lucknow has stepped up its services to ensure safe and efficient delivery of grocery supplies, across the city.

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