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Lucknow's SGPGIMS to have an increased number of emergency beds from November

In a bid to augment the healthcare facilities in the city, Lucknow's Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences will operate with an increased count of emergency beds from November onward. As per reports, the authorities have decided for a seven-fold hike from the current figure of 30 beds to 210 units, withing the next two months. Once the plans are materialised, SGPGIMS will have the second highest number of emergency beds in the state, after KGMU.

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Upcoming dialysis centre in Lucknow's SGPGIMS to be the largest in Uttar Pradesh!

Lucknow's premier healthcare facility, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, will soon house the biggest dialysis centre in the state. As per the available information, 111 dialysis stations will be established at this upcoming centre. While the slated development will help in reducing the waiting time for kidney patients, it is expected that the new facility will have the capacity of performing 200 dialysis sessions every day.

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Post-COVID cases related to hormonal imbalances on a rise at Lucknow's SGPGIMS

After Lucknow faced dire repercussions of the second wave, patients with post-COVID issues are on a rise in the city. As per the records of the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), the hospital is witnessing an average of 10 cases of post-COVID hormonal imbalances, every day. According to a recently published review article, post-COVID patients are facing problems related to the pancreas, endocrine glands and even those leading to male sexual disorders.

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Lucknow's SGPGI to offer liver transplantation services at no cost to the first 7 patients!

In an altruistic move, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow has decided to conduct free liver transplantation surgeries for the first 7 patients. Under this program, the patient or his relatives will not have to bear any charges that are incurred as a part of the procedure. Notably, the hospital administration has already prepared and sent related proposals to the higher authorities and it is expected that the scheme would be approved soon.

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