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180 projects worth ₹1710 crores green flagged in Lucknow on Tuesday

Lucknow is set to be the hotspot of development in the state, with new projects lined up in about 9 different fields, including civic, agriculture, medicine and other public sectors. As per reports, the upcoming provisions were flagged off by the Union Defence Minister in a function held in the city on Tuesday. Here, he launched about 180 projects, worth ₹1710 crores, including the establishment of bridges, multi-level parking centres and other infrastructural schemes.

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Lucknow Smart City Project: 33 intersections to be revamped in a bid to streamline traffic

With the aim of carving a modern civic landscape in Lucknow, around 33 intersections in the city will be revamped as part of the Smart City Project. Under this project, state-of-the-art facilities will be installed at prominent chaurahas in the town, augmenting the overall ease of travel. Along with a focus on dissolving the growing traffic woes in the city, the renovation plan also includes beautification of these intersections.

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Soon pedestrians will be able to control traffic lights at 15 more crossings in Lucknow!

Lucknow, much like other cities in the country, has pretty bad traffic. The roads are brimming with vehicles which means that most roads in the city aren't pedestrian friendly. The roads are mostly choking with vehicles trying to rush past each other and reach their destination with warp speed and those on foot are left trying to navigating their way out of the chokehold.

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