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A cold Sunday greets Lucknow; winter chills bring haze and fog in the city

Lucknow wakes up to yet another cold winter morning as the sun remains shrouded by haze and fog. As per forecasts, night temperatures in the city will go as low as 10°C which will be accompanied by soft-blow of eastward winds. The cold will intensify and the temperature dip will be more evident in the following weeks as the winds will turn their direction, blowing towards west and north-west.

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Lucknow wakes up to dense fog, weather to clear up next week

Lucknow remained covered in a mask of thick fog on Saturday morning, shrouding the city in 'zero-visibility' due to variable and calm low-level breeze. As per forecasts, similar weather conditions are expected to extend until tomorrow, after which, the days might clear up.

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Mist & fog mask Lucknow & neighbouring regions on Wednesday as icy westerlies cloud UP

Winters intensify in Uttar Pradesh as western disturbances gain pace in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, bringing frigid weathers to Lucknow and neighbouring regions. These icy cold winds have thickened the mist and fog shrouding over western UP. Though state capital and adjoining districts were graced by the balmy sun by 10 AM, the minimum temperatures in the western part of the state averaged between 4°C to 6°C, for a major part of the day.

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