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100 years of Lucknow Zoo to be commemorated with a centenary pillar & postal stamp!

One of the biggest attractions for the city dwellers, Lucknow Zoo is all set to commemorate 100 years of its inception on November 29 this year. Amid a string of planned activities, the authorities have decided to install a 'Centenary Pillar' on its campus. Standing tall as a testimony to the zoo's long journey, the pillar will have inscriptions on both its sides. While the history of Lucknow Zoo will be carved on one side, the other side will have its inauguration date.

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Vistors at Lucknow Zoo can now sponsor one-time meals for lions, tigers & leopards!

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden, widely famed as the Lucknow Zoo has initiated a new scheme for wildlife lovers. As per reports, visitors at the animal shelter can now fund one-time meals for bigger cats like lions, tigers and leopards. Besides benefiting the animals, this new project comes as a treat for the zoophilist. Reportedly, the name of the benefactors will be displayed on the LED screen placed close to the ticket counter.

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Centenary celebrations at Lucknow Zoo to include a memorial built for its deceased wildlife

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Park, also known as Lucknow Zoo, has entered its centenary year which shall be marked on 29 November 2021. Preparing in advance for its 100th birthday, this zoo is set to build a memorial to remember the deceased wildlife that once resided in its premises. The proposal for the same has been sent by the Lucknow Zoo administration to the government which also mentions the tentative location for its installation.

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25 Lucknow zoo animals get adopted in an initiative taken by its new brand ambassador C.N. Sinha

In a remarkable moment for Lucknow zoo, 25 animals were adopted at the shelter on Tuesday, by citizens from a range of social and professional backgrounds. The adoption drive was led by the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Chiranjeev Nath Sinha, who has been appointed as the first ambassador of the zoo recently. Notably, the senior law enforcement officer was presented with the PETA award for feeding animals on the streets during the pandemic-propelled curfew.

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Lucknow Zoo welcomes hordes of visitors once again after a halt of almost two months!

After remaining shut for more than two months owing to the second pandemic wave, the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden unbolted its locks today, welcoming hordes of visitors and a much-needed escalation in its financial sitch.

Earlier, the monthly footfall at the zoo premises was pegged at less than 1% in contrast to its actual strength, leading to a parched cumulative income. Presently in regards to the relaxations, the Lucknow Zoo can expect a certain degree of financial respite, which would enable the administration to easily procure feed for animals while investing in the security and cleanliness of the campus.

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