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Getting better with age, THIS iconic place is among the oldest serving eateries in Mumbai

Satiating the cravings of shopaholics cruising the Colaba Causeway, is the Leopold Cafe & Bar, established in 1871. Situated in the southernmost end of Mumbai, this place gained much popularity after receiving extensive mention in Gregory David Roberts' 2003 novel, Shantaram. Let's digitally explore the vintage aura of Leopold Cafe as we take a look at the recommended grubs you can indulge in, the next time you are near this establishment.

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When in Mumbai, you've gotta try Yazdani Bakery & Restaurant's Brun-Maska & Irani Chai!

Bun-Maska and chai are a match made in heaven. Period.

We believe, there is no place that can match the Brun Maska and Irani chai combo which is available at Mumbai's Yazdani Restaurant and Bakery and if you're a nostalgic person, you should definitely pull up a chair here. Yazdani takes you back in time with each sip of your tea and if you've been looking for a place to visit with your friends for a chatty evening, then you must at once, consider it!

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Head to Earth Cafe @ Waterfield in Mumbai for a session of guilt-free binge eating!

Chances are that if you have a health conscious friend, they've rattled about the health benefits of clean eating, way more than you've actually thought of eating junk for the day! Considering healthy grubs are an essential factor in today's lifestyles, most of us are always on the lookout for eateries which serve heart-healthy and delish dishes.

Keeping this in mind, fitness-driven restros are changing the current dine-out scenes in Mumbai with their healthy offerings and in this legion, you can totally count in Earth Cafe @ Waterfield.

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