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Mumbai Police reintroduces e-pass system for vehicles, replacing colour-coded stickers!

The rather confusing colour-coded sticker system, which was recently imposed in Mumbai to facilitate traffic movement on sticker-based priority, has been discontinued, an official stated on Friday. The system was primarily set up to ensure smooth movement of emergency and essential services' vehicles, despite several coronavirus restrictions here.

However, on Friday, the Maharashtra police decided to reintroduce the e-pass system for vehicular movement in Mumbai, as it already governs the rest of the state. This step will ease travellers' discomfort, who until now had to comply with two traffic systems - stickers in Mumbai and e-passes at the state level.

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Mumbai Police jumps the wagon of viral 'Don't Rush Challenge' with their new road safety post

Mumbai Police's creativity and their new road safety post on Instagram has taken the internet by storm, yet again. An innovative take on the viral 'Don't Rush Challenge' the police department raises awareness among drivers and commuters alike to avoid speeding and follow the traffic signals. This Gen-Z trend has been doing rounds on social media since last year, connecting friends and family virtually, amid lockdown.

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WE Highway closes in Mumbai tonight for work at Magathane Metro station FOB ​

Both bounds of Mumbai's Western Expressway will be shut down for public use tonight, from 11 PM. The route will remain closed until 6 AM on April 4, read reports. The traffic police have issued several restrictions to govern the movement of heavy and light motor vehicles to ensure implementation of the closure during the said hours. These include new diversions, mapped especially for vehicles coming from either side of the highway.

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Auto-rickshaw & taxi rides get costlier in Mumbai

The base fare of all CNG-run public commute vehicles, taxis and autorickshaws has witnessed a hike of ₹3 in Mumbai. The decision was finalised in a meeting of the MMRTA last week, chaired by the State Transport Secretary. Effective from Monday, March 1, the minimum rate of travel has been hiked after 6 years in Mumbai and was long overdue, commented the State Transport Minister. Previously, a hike in the base fare was implemented on June 1, 2015.

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Mumbai Police to be equipped with 1,300 body cameras to capture accurate proofs during emergencies

In a bid to strengthen the pillars of its law enforcement, the Mumbai Police Department will soon be upgraded with 1,300 body cameras which will help to record accurate proofs during attacks on on-duty officials or other such emergencies. As per reports, Mumbai cops were promised such devices two years ago, when the police safety project was first launched.

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