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The cheesy pasta-bilities of you falling in love at these 5 joints in Lucknow is quite high!

A bowl of pasta, dressed generously with cheese, oregano, chilli flakes, will always be our comfort food, our go-to choice when hungry for a quick meal and our beloved grub when nothing else fits our cravings! So if you're on the look out for fancy pasta dishes which will have you swooning by mere looks at it, then we've some news for ya'. We've chalked out 5 scrumptious pasta options for you in Lucknow, which will have you passionately licking the last crumb off the plate and you'll go home burping with a smile on your face!

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Love fresh organic breads & French desserts? Lucknow's Melting Point is beckoning you

When in Lucknow, our obsession for cutesy cafes and homey bakeries is a never-ending love affair. Whenever we see a signboard or an entry point of any cafe, which simply calls to be checked out, you bet we're gonna drop in! So on a similar note, when we chanced upon the Melting Point, situated at the Dayal Paradise compound, we just had to make our way in. With floor-to-ceiling white windows, ample of natural light in play and a selection of desserts and baked goods, Melting Point fixed a Cheshire cat smile on our faces.

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