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Heading from Lucknow to Varanasi? Here's what all you should know about the City of Lights!

When in Lucknow, we do have an array of getaway choices at our disposal but the charms of Varanasi are such, that we keep gravitating towards this city, irrespective of our count of prior visits. Breathing by the banks of the holy Ganga, Varanasi is claimed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and it is thronged by people from all walks of life! Dotted with domes, temples, ghats, ashrams and swaddled in a mystic aura, the astir alleys of Varanasi are now unbarred for your advent.

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The 'City of Great Festivals' is where you need to head next for your weekend trip from Lucknow

Although it's just January, is anyone else feeling like we're already done with the year? Because we sure are and we already need a break! So if you're sailing on the same boat as ours, then you should absolutely check out Mahoba, located at a distance of 233-km from Lucknow and it makes for a spot which entices history lovers and photographers, from all regions across the state.

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