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Test ride a Royal Enfield & avail complimentary drinks at any one of THESE 3 cafes in Lucknow!

Driving up the festive fervour, Royal Enfield's latest collaborations with three plush cafes in Lucknow, brings forth a range of exciting offers. Collating a gamut of gifts, RE has partnered with Vintage Machine, Vintage Machine Kitchen & Cocktail Bar and Goldz Exchange, where you can take a royal test ride and boost your energies up with complimentary drinks. Operational till August 26, the bonanza lets you reap other benefits too and all you need to do, is hop on board a premium RE bike for a test ride, at any one of these lavish cafes in town!

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Book a test ride with Royal Enfield & indulge in a lifelong romance on the roads!

Be it the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, Classic 350 or the Bullet 500, each RE motorcycle model is nothing less than a 'dream vehicle' for umpteen motorcyclists and also for petrolheads! To further fuel your aspirations of owning a RE and to ensure a hassle-free biking experience for its patrons, the all-inclusive Royal Enfield App has been rolled out.

Through this app, one can book a test ride, make a reservation of their favourite RE version, address concerns or queries and customize their Royal Enfield as well. The app comes with clear-cut features and its easy accessibility quotient, acts as a platform for all RE riders, where they can also connect and engage with other motorists and know their wheels better!

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Royal Enfield to now upheave riding experiences for motorcyclists with its all-new app!

A cult classic mean machine, the oomph of Royal Enfield is such that each passerby is bound to take a note and even if not within a visual distance, the revving thumps just leave a mark. One of the 'dream motorcycles' of umpteen motorcyclists, REs even have gearheads hooked with much gusto- the legacy associated with this name is such!

So if you have been eyeing an RE edition to add to your garage or just want to book a free test drive at home, then you should know about the all-new Royal Enfield App! Endowed with an array of features that allows you to book an RE directly, customize it to a T, amid other provisions, this platform is a holy grail for bikers.

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