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Economically weak meritorious pupils of Lucknow University to be provided financial grants

Lucknow University has charted a student's welfare scholarship scheme to financially aid the education of the needy meritorious students. As per reports, a yearly ₹15,000 grant will be provided to the shortlisted candidates. Earlier also, the university had launched the Karmyogi scheme to promote independent financial standing among students, permitting a maximum earning of ₹15,000 in a year.

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THIS 18-year-old UP student has secured a 100% scholarship at Stanford University!

'Talent only needs the right opportunities to shine'- this statement has been affirmed yet again, by the inspiring story of Manu Chauhan. A schoolboy from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Chauhan hails from an underprivileged background. However, with his hard work and sincerity, he has managed to secure admission to Stanford University on full scholarship, where he shall pursue a degree in International Relations and Economics.

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Lucknow's Aaghaz Foundation is heralding an age of educational equity through its 16 scholarships

With the aim of ensuring that the children from underprivileged backgrounds are empowered through education, Aaghaz Foundation was established in 2004. Empowering girls and boys with their best capabilities through scholarships and other educational initiatives, this Lucknow-based non-profit organisation has helped over 16,000 needy children. Currently, applications for their Aisha Begum Memorial Scholarship and other endowments are open.

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