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For some fresh-from-the-oven Plum cakes this Christmas, check out these 7 bakeries in Lucknow

There is no way one can talk about Christmas without mentioning the sweet delight that comes along with it! Yes, we are talking about the delicious Plum cakes, a Christmas delicacy that is synonymous to merry-making! Christmas is truly incomplete without the magical, soft, melt-in-mouth and freshly baked Plum cakes.

Check out the list of these 7 bakeries in Lucknow that are baking dreams comes true with their Christmas quintessential Plum cakes:

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Check out these 10 gift boxes by The Hazelnut Factory, Lucknow, for a Happy Diwali

Known for its delicious sweets and freshly baked-to-perfection treats, Lucknow's The Hazelnut Factory has come to be exceedingly popular amidst citizens. Every festive season, THF comes up with its unique range of gift boxes, baskets and thalis, which capture the essence of the celebrations like no other.

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These 5 places in Lucknow will make your Raksha Bandhan celebrations even more lively

Raksha Bandhan celebrations are knocking on our doors and although we've gotta invite this day in with masks and sanitizers this year, we believe that the fun quotient of this day should remain unhinged. Gifts are an integral part of this festivity because the nicer the gift, the higher are your chances of being treated better by your siblings- relatable right?! Even if it's just for a few weeks! So if you have siblings who are coming over on the 3rd and you are looking for the best gifting options in Lucknow, we have listed down 5 places which are going to amp up your festive frolic.

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