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Adorned with aesthetic bliss, Goa's Japanese Garden presents picturesque portraits of nature

If you are enticed by the quintessence of oceanic and aquatic beauty, the picturesque horizons of the Arabian Sea will surely leave you spellbound. Amid a string of notable locations offering this spectacle of delights from the coastal state of Goa, the Japanese Garden located in Mormugao Port Trust Colony, promises you some truly unmatched experiences. Crowing the top of a hill called Sada in Vasco Da Gama, this garden is a must-visit for souls obsessed with scenic sunrises and sunsets!

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Goa's Mangrove Boardwalk needs to be on every traveller's post-pandemic itinerary!

With each trip to Goa, one realises that this state has so much more to offer, than the usual experience of 'sun, sand and the sea'. But now since the lockdown is in place and travelling seems like a far-fetched dream, engaging in chalking out a post-pandemic travel itinerary is the only way to satiate our wanderlust. So moving over generic beach experiences for a day, you need to visit the Mangrove Boardwalk in Goa, which boasts of 14 varieties of mangroves and is also touted to be the second of its kind in the country!
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The spring festival of Konkani diaspora, Shigmo is a celebration of vibrance & splendour!

A vibrant celebration of Goa's Konkani diaspora, Shigmo is celebrated as the spring festival in the sunshine state and is glittered by a vibrantly unique splendour throughout! The auspicious festivities of Shigmo are governed by the lunar cycle and therefore, there is not a specific date of celebration. This year, it will begin on the 9th moon day Phalguna month, as per the Saka calendar, which coincides with March 21, Sunday.

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A pandora of scenic scapes & historical wonders, Harvalem Caves in Goa deserves your attention

Like any other place, Goa has been popularised by its stereotypes as the land of beaches but if you look keenly, there is so much more in addition to the sunny coastline here. On the flipside of booze-thrills and chill scenes that usually define Goa, stands the glorious and historically significant Harvalem Caves with lush waterfalls in the vicinity that will take you closer to the culture, beauty, nature and wonders of this state, that are otherwise left unexplored.

Located near Bicholim and Sequelim towns in North Goa, this place has a few attractions which will keep you occupied for a day, offering you a unique blend of adventure in the stills of nature!

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Away from the shores of commotion, South Goa's Betul Beach is a secret land one must traverse!

Nestled on the southern-most tip of the 27-km shoreline that runs from the city of Vasco da Gama, the Betul Beach is a pristine, isolated stretch of land which witnesses the confluence of the Sal River into the Arabian Sea. Guarded away from the prying reach of the tourists, this beach is synonymous with calm and serenity, and if you too wish to get away from the peak tourist season influx, this is the place to be!

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