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Explore the colonial heritage of Indore with a virtual tour of its 20th century Gandhi Hall!

Take a trip down the lanes of history and explore one of the most famous tourist destinations of Indore- Mahatma Gandhi Hall. Currently used as a town hall that hosts art and cultural events, this early twentieth-century building was called King Edward Hall until 1948. An architectural marvel alluring tourists with a fusion of archaic charms and modern ideas, let's delve into the several connotations that are associated with this ancient site.

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Despite a 'deadly' name, Hatyari Khoh near Indore comes with gruesome legends & stellar sceneries

Lying at a distance of about 31 km from Indore, Hatyari Khoh is so far away from commercialization, that it looks like something right out of a postcard! As filmy as that name sounds, there is no murder investigation running for this breathtaking locale, so don't be misled by the gruesome name of this otherwise beauteous spot. Full of legends that may or may not be true, Hatyari Khoh offers a trekking trail that will relax your mind in the midst of lush trees and a plethora of arresting flora!

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Approx. 138 km away from Indore, Hanuwantiya Tapu is where adrenaline junkies need to be!

If you're in Indore and are craving for a power-packed beach vacay but cannot travel too far due to whatever reason, we suggest you check out Hanuwantiya Tapu; a site that will not disappoint the water-baby in you! This locale is a treat for all the adrenaline junkies out there, with umpteen water sports and if you're in the mood to charge up your adrenaline, you've gotta bookmark this site. Located around 138 km away from Indore, Hanuwantiya Tapu should definitely be on your travel itinerary and here's all you need to know about it!

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Alongside an arresting view, the grandeur of Indore's Gomatgiri Jain Temple is a visual delight

Offering much more than historical structures and iconic eateries, Indore is a city thronged by the followers of Jainism, as it is home to Gomatgiri Jain Temple. Constructed on a hillock donated by Jain Samaj to the state government in 1981, this temple is hardly a 10-minute drive from Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport. A famous picnic spot that guarantees a breathtaking view, the magnificence of this temple warrants a visit from people belonging to all faiths.

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Observe the artistic altar of Indore's Red Church, detailing the life of Christ in colour

Contributing to the peacefulness radiated by the city of Indore, are a number of churches spread across its landscape that are pieces of India's colonial past, frozen in time. One among these is the Red Church, a 19th-century edifice located near the Holkar Palace, often catalogued among the oldest churches of this city. A holy shrine promoting the principles of camaraderie, this place is a must-visit for all, especially for those who appreciate Gothic architectural style!

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