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UP to link medical institutes with virtual ICUs to prioritise treatment of COVID critical patients

The State of Uttar Pradesh is pioneering the use of technology to build an iron-clad defence against the coronavirus, and in tandem with this scientific approach, the Chief Minister has further directed the officials to start a process of patient indexing. All medical institutions in state capital Lucknow and other districts will be linked to virtual ICUs by means of technology that will prioritise the treatment of serious and critically ill COVID patients from experienced doctors.

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In an ironic discovery, the non COVID death rate in Uttar Pradesh has declined in 2020

The battle of survival against the coronavirus has polished our defences towards the other health irregularities as well. With an active fight that has almost lasted half a year now, surging mortality count due to infection has a silver lining after all. The pandemic has altered, changed and improved health, safety and food habits among majority of people. A majority of the population has become health and lifestyle conscious and this has diminished their vulnerability to other common diseases and flues.

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History created! Uttar Pradesh conducts more than 1 lakh Coronavirus tests in a single day

Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the first state in India to have tested more than 1 lakh people for Coronavirus in a single day! On Monday, about 1,06,962 tests were conducted in the state. This increased and enhanced testing facility in UP has also lead to a broader scope of identification of virus infected people, and about 3,505 fresh positive cases were detected across the state. Uttar Pradesh's tally now totals to 70,493 cases

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Discharge policy revised in Lucknow as Coronavirus cases surge

In an attempt to closely monitor, control and discharge patients showcasing varied degree of coronavirus symptoms, a new and revised State Discharge Policy has been put into action. This includes discharge and subsequent quarantine procedures for Coronavirus patients that are asymptomatic, have mild or initial symptoms, or show moderate and severe symptoms.

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All non-essential commercial establishments to remain closed on weekends in Lucknow

Although we've been granted severe relaxations during this raging pandemic, the Uttar Pradesh government has yet again planned to curb some of our perks for the greater good. After keeping the rising cases of COVID-19 in mind, the state authorities have decided to keep the weekends under complete lockdown, commencing July 18. This directive has come with its own set of rules and regulations.

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