RTO to take over pre-paid taxi services at Indore Airport; prices to reduce by 30%

RTO to take over pre-paid taxi services at Indore Airport; prices to reduce by 30%

Regional Transport Office's (RTO) pre-paid taxi service to charge ₹21/km

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) will now control the operations of prepaid taxi services at various airports in the country including Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar International Airport, Indore. The new service will result in a reduction in taxi fares by 30%. According to officials, two booking counters will be placed, one inside the terminal building and another outside. The facility is expected to be operational from April. The move came in accordance with the new commercial policy of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) that made the rule mandatory across India.

Taxi service to be monitored by RTO

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As per the officials, the plan will be taken forward in phases. Keeping in mind the varying needs of the passengers, the official will run three SUVs and two hatchbacks in the initial phase. These vehicles will be employed on a contract basis. However, they will be monitored by the RTO. The taxi fare will possibly be set at ₹21/km which is 30% less than the fares of private taxi companies.

The vehicles used in the prepaid taxi service will be equipped with GPS, other monitoring apps, cameras and a panic button, allowing passengers to send out an SOS in case of emergency. Additionally, these features will also help in avoiding crime and increasing the safety of passengers. Once the service takes off, concerned officials are also planning to introduce E-Vehicles to its fleet. This will not only help protect the environment from harmful emissions but will also help justify and maintain the reduced taxi fare.

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