Madhya Pradesh Transport Department makes DL renewal completely online in Indore

Madhya Pradesh Transport Department makes DL renewal completely online in Indore

With new online services, DL renewal will be madatory on yearly basis

In an attempt to ease out the Driving Licence (DL) renewal process in Indore, the Madhya Pradesh Transport Department has switched to a completely online process, allowing the beneficiary to renew their DL without visiting the RTO (Regional Transport Office). This also eradicates the hassle of revisiting RTOs again and again and waiting in long queues.

DL duplication and renewal process made completely online

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Now with ease in application of DL renewal, a fine of ₹1000 will be applicable on driving without renewing the license on a yearly basis. Prior to this, the renewal date was fixed on the basis of the expiry date mentioned on the Driving Licence and applicants had to renew their licenses by registering on the official website and then visiting the RTO.

In order to apply for the duplication or renewal of the driving license, applicants must visit the official website Along with renewal and duplication, the portal also offers online services for changes in personal details and making payments for the same.

To further aid the online applications for renewal and duplication process, the data of 12 lakh Driving Licenses have been uploaded to the central server. Such online services were introduced for the convenience of drivers after the third wave peaked.

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