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In a piece of brew-ilicious news, Tata Starbucks has announced its entrance in Rajasthan, with two new outlets in Jaipur. As per reports, the two coffee shops are centred at the city's C-scheme and Malviya Nagar, rounding up around 224 Starbucks outlets in the country as yet. A global brand, Starbucks is charting a vigorous expansion in India, despite the pandemic setbacks.

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Dreaming of an exotic coffee date seated amid plush interiors while in Jaipur? If yes, get ready for the ultimate satisfaction, for the globally loved and cherished brand Starbucks is opening its maiden outlets in the city. All set to take you on a trip of your luscious desires, the stores in Malviya Nagar and C-scheme shall be made operational soon. Once functional, the stores will redefine coffee culture of the city!

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Is it the samosa? It's definitely the kachodi, right?! Or is it the irresistible chai made here? Jaipur's Gulab Ji Chaiwaale has everyone under his spell using one thing or the other. With two outlets and a new cafe, Gulab Ji isn't just a name anymore but has become an integral part of Jaipur's legacy. So if you are someone who loves snacking and can kill for some mind-blowing samose paired with a cup of kadak chai, rush to Gulab Ji Chaiwaale before his current batch is over!

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One of the iconic places that finds a home in Jaipur, other than the famous forts, is an ice-cream shop. Founded in 1957, Indian Ice Cream & Kulfi Faluda at Bapu Bazar is THE place to pamper your sweet tooth. Serving lip-smacking traditional Indian ice-creams, two of the most famous faluda flavours available at this shop are Kulfi Rabri Faluda and Mix Faluda. With the summer season just around the corner, this place will become your haven from the heat!

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Of all the decadent desserts spread over the sprawling table of traditional Rajput cuisine, ghewar shines like the brightest star. Mostly revered as the gift sent by families to their married daughters on Teej, this sweet has become a part and parcel of almost every auspicious occasion. Prepared with desi ghee, this succulent sweet resembles a honeycomb and is soaked in thick sugar syrup, which is what our sweet dreams are made of! So if you too wanna indulge in this treat, then you're in luck because we've come up with a list of 5 of the most popular ghewar sellers in Jaipur.
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If you are someone who misses eating out in restaurants and are anxious over the increased human contact amid the coronavirus pandemic, then Jaipur's The Yellow House is just the place for you! T.Y.H is the first 'robot restaurant' in North India where you can experience the touch of automation, with robotic waiters! Dine-in here and amuse yourself with the precision of their unique and professional wait staff.

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Has coronavirus shut down your office? Are all your friends locked up at home? Are you also distancing yourself from those you love? If your answer happens to be yes, then chances are that you're feeling a bit down. Normally, we would suggest you to go out and have a lavish meal, but in trying times like these, social distancing is the key. Yet, how can we say no to good food, how can we keep sane if not with good food, a satiating dessert or a full meal that fills us right up with love.

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When we're out chilling with our friends, the place doesn't really; what matters are the laughs and the conversations. However, a great setting surely helps and allows us to be a lot more relaxed. Then again, there are some places that are just too exorbitant for just hanging out.

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Jaipur has always offered us the best of events to choose from and we’ve been spoiled thoroughly by our city over recent times. Be it concerts, food festivals or anything which keeps us happily engaged, you’ll find it all here.

The festivities are sadly over but Jaipur is making sure that our spirits aren’t gone by too! To keep the cheer going on and to give us a break from the mundane routines once again, you’ll find Arjun Vagale, one of India's most acclaimed DJs, setting foot here this weekend.

So get texting and start making plans right away because this weekend is gonna be lit AF and if you skip this one, FOMO is gonna haunt you for a long time- we don’t want that now, do we?!

What’s Groovin’?

Arjun Vagale will be coming to Clarks Amer, Jaipur, on the 2nd of November and he’ll be taking over the console 10 PM onwards! We honestly can’t wait to log out of work already because the sheer thought of DJ Vagale teasing the console while we dance the night away is making us impatient.

We all know that good things take time but Saturday ain’t too far so keep your hopes up and your dancing shoes ready!

But if you’re not too familiar with Arjun Vagale and wanna test the waters before you dive, let us do the honour for you!

Widely regarded as the pioneer of techno in India, Arjun Vagale has been steering the course of the country’s expanding underground electronic movement! As one of the country’s leading electronic music experts, he has been regularly playing in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Known for his intense beats, Arjun’s offerings have garnered an extensive global reach- do we really need to introduce him any further?

Knock Knock

Dress up, get the booze in your system or whatever works for you and take the dance-floor by storm!

So if you’re in Jaipur this weekend and have been wanting to explore the city’s nightlife in its full glory, you should be heading here with your squad ASAP!

Where: Clarks Amer, Jaipur

When: November 2 | 10PM

Along with intense palate pleasures and rich cultural heritage, the Pink City has also embraced the trend of serving the best nightlife experience in the past few years.

The city has something for everyone and if you're here and are hoping to dance the night away, look no further!

With its dreamy interiors and delectable delicacies coupled with budget-friendly prices, Skyfall by Replay is where you need to set your foot in NOW!

Garnished with a generously inviting ambience, a splendid rooftop view of the city, spacious options of indoor and outdoor seating and a central location, Skyfall is an ideal choice for outings, be it with family or friends.

With ample of space to shake a leg, Skyfall offers posh interiors with mood lighting, the best of music playlists and multi-cuisine options steal the cake every time.

Arguably among the best romantic restaurants in Jaipur, Skyfall by Replay is your ideal destination for going on a romantic dinner date with bae!

Take a puff of their ritzy hookahs while you enjoy the upscale gentry frolicking the locale and if you're single, this is THE place to be for you.

What to Eat Here?

Although it is a little difficult to choose the best, Skyfall spoils you with choices like no other. Try out their Chicken Tikka Pizza, Cheese Corn Balls and the heavenly oozy Cheesy Loaded Nachos with a glass of red wine!

Overall, it is a fun place to be at for a night out and if you think that Jaipur nightlife is drab- you gotta replay your thoughts now!

Location: SB 57, 5th Floor, Ridhi Tower, Opposite SMS Stadium, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Cost: ₹1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Timings: 12noon – 3am

Hanging out with friends and having a few drinks after a long day of working hard is quite honestly the best way to destress. Jaipur being the melting pot of cultures and people has a vibrant nightlife, yet we constantly look for new and better places to 'hang with the gang'. If you too are in search of a party destination where craft cocktails and gourmet food can put you under a spell, head to Akh Bar at Lal Kothi.

Akh Bar

The bar is located on the top floor of a premium hotel, hence the view here is stunning. You also have an outdoor seating option so you have the option to pick between a stunning view of the Indore sky and the comfortable interiors.

Speaking of interiors, when we talk about Indore, there are not many places in the city which can match up to the kind of ambience that you get at Akh Bar. We are especially a fan of the beautiful lighting, it adds a ton to the décor that TBH is done beautifully.

Bati Canapes at Akh Bar

Apart from the wonderful interiors, the retro-bar also offers a great selection of gourmet dishes that have been made specifically to be paired with the craft cocktails that the bar serves. The bar serves fusion food which has a hint of molecular gastronomy jazzed which is jazzed up with gourmet.

Biryani Falafel at Akh Bar

We would recommend trying the Bati canapes- bati chokha served in a beautiful canape version with lehsun (garlic) chutney, Biryani falafel with mix veg Tzatziki- biryani balls battered and deep fried to serve with a Mediterranean yoghurt dip and the Chinese Kurkuri for the love of sev and Chinese cuisine.

Persian Seductress at Akh Bar

And since, we are talking about a bar, we cannot overlook the liquor section. The bar does a perfectly Jaipur version of the classic Mojito- the Jaipur Pan Mojito which is a melange of flavours from the mint, the pan, and the liquor. You should also try the Persian seductress which is a perfect blend of gin, Persian tea and essence of rose.

Jaipur Pan Mojito at Akh Bar

The restro-bar has a full bar available so you can pick and choose your desired poison.

Keep a watch on this space for more recommendations. Until then, happy eating.