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Amidst the ongoing corona crisis, Uttar Pradesh presently has over 3,500 confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 1700 recovered patients. Out of all the cities in UP, Kanpur is one of the worst-hit places with over 300 victims and 56 deaths but in a pleasant turn of events, on Tuesday itself, 54 recovered patients went back home after successfully battling the infection.

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UPMRC has been taking Kanpur Metro's construction work further with a kind of focus and a dedication that is laudable. The metro corporation has set out with the goal to break Lucknow Metro's record, establishing Kanpur Metro as the fastest developed metro route. The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has been making tremendous efforts in the same direction. To achieve the same, Kanpur Metro was successful in putting the first pillar cap on its IIT-Motijheel route about a week ago.

UPMRC on Monday, 2nd March, was successful in placing the first pillar cap of its maiden route, three months ahead of its set schedule!

What's the update?

The metro corporation has ensured that the construction of Kanpur metro's first route ensues at a fast pace. Construction on the metro route had started last year in December and within the time, Kanpur Metro has successfully constructed a Depot station, several pillar and now finally, the route's first pillar cap.

After putting Kanpur Metro's first pillar cap, the corporation aims to fasttrack the work on the metro route and get it ready ahead of time. The pillar caps are pivotal for the metro route as U girders will be later put on these caps. UPMRC MD, Kumar Keshav was present at the location on Monday, "UPMRC will complete the development of Kanpur Metro route within the expected time limit and we are trying to ensure that Kanpur is gifted with an international level metro route," he said.

UPMRC has been eyeing to finish the Kanpur Metro route way before the set deadline and beat its own record. The metro work has been progressing at a rapid pace especially after the allocation of over ₹350 crores in funds from the state budget.

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UPMRC's prompt construction and speedy work is highly appreciable and we hope that Kanpur can soon have its very own metro route. The metro will not only solve connectivity issues but save commuters from heavy traffic and the pothole riddled streets.

When we think of government aided or rural education institutes, infrastructure hardly ever comes to our mind. The furniture, furnishings or the lack thereof is one of the major drawbacks of rural schools.

In order to provide for a better and more rounded education for rural kids, a PhD student from IIT Kanpur- Eshan Sadasiva made an ingenious invention which landed him in Forbes India's 30 under 30 list of 2020!

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We have all seen and scoffed at the insect robots in science fiction movies. We have often imagined how such things can exist in real life but modern technology has proved that anything that can be imagined, can come true. And this time, IIT-Kanpur has turned the impossible dream into a reality by inventing a miniscule insect-robot!

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The Kanpur metro project has been one of the most awaited development projects happening in the city. The metro will not only bring more transportation options to the city but will increase its chances of overall growth and development.

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North has been reeling under a retreating cold wave, which has dropped temperatures in most cities this side of the map. Much like the rest of the north, Kanpur too has been reeling under the cold, with average temperatures in single digits.

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Kanpurites looking for a dose of good news would be glad to know that one of the best parks in the city, Nishad Park is on it's way to a complete overhaul. This step comes after a long period of neglect because of which this natural abode had lost its charm.

Now, prior to the Ganga Yatra that crosses a major part of Kanpur and more specifically, Nishad Park, this natural hub will undergo some major changes, not just for the yatra but for the future as well.

What's the update?

Nishad Park, one of Kanpur's best tourist destination has been chosen for an overhaul because of the Ganga Yatra that will pass through the town and along the Ganges further up. As part of the overhaul, there are several aspects of the park that will undergo changes.

What changes can you expect at Nishad Park? Well, quite a few actually. For one, the entire marking wall of the park will get a makeover, complete with new paint and murals in a few places. This will add to the visual quality of the marking wall itself.

As for the park itself, it will be Ganga themed, making for better and more impressive visuals. Additionally, the park will also tell us of the origin of the Ganga, it's expansion and how it has aged over the years. This will be accomplished by installing a laser that picturizes the Ganga and a statue of the boatman.

The park will also get looping speakers, which will continuously play music. During the Ganga Yatra, the DM has instructed authorities to play Bhajans and Aartis that will lift up the yatris' spirits. Following that, the speakers will be used to play light music while the general public goes about walking and jogging in the park.

Knock Knock

We're excited that Kanpur is finally on the receiving end of some good news. The park is one of our favourite places in town and now that it is undergoing a complete makeover, we can't wait to see how it will improve Kanpur's tourism.

Kanpur Metro has been the passion project and the newest undertaking of the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation. Only a few days ago, the construction work of the Kanpur metro began when the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh laid the foundation stones of the metro last month.

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We live in a time where frightening, depressing and sad news is thrown at us from every corner of the world. With each passing day we realise how selfish, capitalist the world has become and it seems that there is no end to these problems. Yet, sometimes we come across a piece of news so fresh and so wonderful, it makes everything glimmer in its lieu. We stumbled upon one such piece via the goldmine that is Twitter.

VVS Laxman, former Indian cricket player, commentator and mentor shared a post which went viral as soon as it hit the twitter universe. In the post VVS shared a picture of a simple tea seller from Kanpur who endorses the education of 40 underprivileged children.

What's the buzz?

The viral post shared by former cricketer, made us meet Mohammad Mahboob Malik, a simple man from Kanpur, who earns his living by working tirelessly behind a tea stall. What struck out from the tweet was the fact that the man spends around 80% of his income trying to support the children's education and give them wings.

The story of a man who spent his life deprived of education, who now wants to help those who do not have the privilege or the means to educate themselves, struck a cord with people. The fact of the matter is, the story in itself is a proof of the fact that though our world may seem materialistic, selfish and cruel at times, there are these acts of kindness that make all the difference.

Knock Knock

Mahboob Malik is the simple example of the fact that a big heart and a good deed will never go unnoticed, no matter what. When people want to do good, nothing matters, not the circumstances, not their economic condition and not even who they are. An act of kindness will always remain so- simple inspiring. Mahboob Malik is what we call a 'real hero'.