Mocha is organising a Winter Food Market in Kanpur & you've gotta be there!

Mocha is organising a Winter Food Market in Kanpur & you've gotta be there!

Mocha's Winter Food Market is where all the fun is

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Winters can often put a lull on our daily life. The cold, the winds and the laziness bringing life to a halt near bonfires, room heaters and blowers. Though there's one thing about winters that keep us braving the cold- and that's food. So we can honestly say, we can never have enough of it.

If like us, you too can't have enough of good food, well we have just the thing for you. Kanpur's favourite cafe- Mocha, is organising a winter food market and you have to be at the biggest gastronomic event in the city.

Mocha's Winter Food Market 2020

Mocha is organising a one of a kind Winter Food Market for those who just cannot indulge enough in food, fun and frolic. The winter food market focuses on only one thing- having a gastronomic extravaganza!

The food market will have slew of different things, from gourmet tastings to street food specials. You can taste delicacies such as fine wines, aromatic cheeses, gourmet teas, coffees, packaged health food, delicious spreads, honey and bunch of other things.

The market aims to bring an exclusive gastronomic experience to the city of Kanpur, where epicures and foodies can find something unforgettable. With a specifically curated menu, a plethora of home and wellness products. AND you get the option to find what you like, bag it and take it home too!

What the food market also brings is fun activities, games and tastings that you can be a part of to make the whole experience feel like a huge food carnival.

Knock Knock

If you're someone who loves food, an experimentalist at heart or a connoisseur of all things fine and tasteful, you should definitely visit the winter food market. Plus, you can always hop inside Mocha and enjoy your favourite dish!

Date: January 12 | 12-9 PM

Venue: Mocha Cafe & Bar, Civil Lines, Mall Road, Kanpur