Several migratory birds, including Indian pitta, Northern pintail & many more spotted in Lucknow

Several migratory birds, including Indian pitta, Northern pintail & many more spotted in Lucknow

Winter season brings a variety of migratory birds to the city, including Surkhaab aka Rudy shelduck

The peaking winter season brings several different migratory birds to Lucknow, which is a visual treat for the birdwatchers in town. This is the season to spot Indian pitta (also called 'Navrang' for nine colours in its plumage), migratory duck coming from the trans-Himalayan region ruddy shelduck (Surkhaab), black hooded oriole (beautiful endemic bird) and the migratory bird from northern Siberia - northern pintail (Seekpar) and other such rare species in Lucknow. Pack up your gears, dear ornithologists, as you head to capture the beauty of nature!

Lucknow has many hamlets preferred by birds

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The former director of Bombay Natural History Society and an avid bird watcher, Asad Rehmani stated, "Lucknow has many hamlets preferred by birds which are the most important indicators of the health of an ecosystem. They play an important role in stabilising nature's health. They are known as the bioindicator of the environmental system."

While birds like the sunbird can be seen all around the year, the colder temperature has attracted various migratory birds to Lucknow's eco-spots. This diversity and density of birds, especially in urban areas, decides how environmentally intact the region is, informed Sanjay Kumar. Kumar has written seven books on birds of different cities.

Kukrail forest, one of the most preferred spots in the city for bird watching

A lot of bird watchers in Lucknow find the Kukrail forest to be among the most ideal destinations for sighting rare birds here. Other hot spots include the IIM-Lucknow campus, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) campus, National Botanical Research Institute, Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Residency complex, Cantonment and wetland around Lucknow.

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