Tushar Sumera who barely passed Class 10 is now an IAS Officer, here's how you can ace any exam too

Tushar Sumera who barely passed Class 10 is now an IAS Officer, here's how you can ace any exam too

35 in English, 36 in Maths, Class 10 Marksheet of IAS Officer Tushar Sumera trends on Twitter

Sending the Twitterati on a viral-spiral on Tuesday, the 'near-fail' Class 10 marksheet of a Gujarat IAS Officer is motivatng civil services aspirants like never before. Officer Tushar Sumera, who is currently posted as the Collector and DM of Bharuch passed his secondary board exams with a 35 in English, 36 in Maths and a mere 38 in Science.

And as netizens draw inspiration from the IAS Officer for turning over his life, here's how you can jump the trail too. Check out the guide below to crack down any competitive exam:

A step-by-step guide to crack any exam in first attempt

To ace a competitive exam in the first attempt is a dream that every aspirant nurtures, as a visually impossible task. However, the feat is not that elusive if you have the right vision and effective strategy up your sleeve, like the one here:

Be Thorough

The first step to a fail-proof preparation is to know the exam, its objectives, the syllabus, the scope and the end goal. There is nothing you can do if you are oblivious to the material, the exam pattern, marking scheme, profile weightage and so on.

For this, go through previous years’ papers and appear for model tests and exams. This is not just for the marks, but for the familiarity of it too. If you’re well-versed with the exam format, it won’t seem that you’re appearing for your ‘first’ attempt, while you’re actually at it.

Start from basics 

While you are going through the study material, start from the basics. Do not memorise everything for an information overload. Make things simpler for yourself.

For this, you can prepare short notes or study techniques that help you learn faster. Like flashcards, diagrams and infographics.

Manage your time

Easier said than done, preparing a time-table is the key to clearing any exam. Create a time-stamped agenda of things for both, daily and long term goals. But hey, don’t be overambitious while charting a schedule! The idea is to implement the timetable with discipline, not just create it. Manage your breaks and revision time too.

Try to create a timetable that is dynamic and works for you. Understand when you are most active and attentive and place the subjects you find difficult in those time slots.

Give the best care to your mind and body

While you’re putting your brain into action for the preparation, keep your mind clear. For a similar positive impact on your body, look at lifestyle changes too.

It is important to eat healthy, exercise and stay active during your preparation period. If you feel cluttered or sick, you will not be able to study or revise, and that just defeats the purpose. Whatever you do, remember, discipline is key.

Enjoy your preparation! 

While exam preparation can seem quite tedious and taxing, mentors at 1729 Coaching in Lucknow are making it fun.

It's about a few factors which make things easy. Talking about cracking any competitive exam like CAT, first you need to understand the intent of the exam. So of course, your time management and decision making skills are going to be very crucial, the mentors here at 1729 coaching believe.

Aptitude is something which can be developed only by realizing the virtue of common sense, practice and of course, the right approaches taught in the class. It's very simple and straight. Right things in right order and right way can make all the difference and anyone and everyone can do it.

And the most important thing which we can't forget, you can only crack any competitive exam if you enjoy the preparation.

Tushar Sumera who barely passed Class 10 is now an IAS Officer, here's how you can ace any exam too
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