Searching for spicy & pillowy vada pavs in Mumbai? Pin THESE 8 joints, loved by locals!

Searching for spicy & pillowy vada pavs in Mumbai? Pin THESE 8 joints, loved by locals!

The guide you need to savour the best vada pav in Mumbai.

For Mumbaikars, Vada Pav isn't just a daily snack; it's an emotion. Loved by people from all walks of life, this humble dish has a special place in everyone's heart. No wonder, the snack has a whole day dedicated to it! OGs know that the fluffy pav filled with a spicy fried potato vada is a whole-course meal in itself and chai just makes it better. Plus, it's pocket-friendly and available everywhere in the city!

So if you haven't had the chance to taste Mumbai's iconic vada pav from places renowned for making the perfect one, we've got you covered! Without further ado, here are the 8 best vada pav spots in Mumbai, where you can enjoy the snack at budget-friendly prices.

#1. Shankar Vada Pav

Shankar Vada Pav is a quaint stall in Bandra, easily identifiable as it's situated under a tree. Delivering awesomeness since the '70s, this place, though small and only able to cater to two customers at a time, is usually crowded with throngs of patrons.

Although 'vada pav' is in their name, their moong dal bhajiya is highly revered by their customers. Moreover, the Shankar Vada Pav kiosk occasionally attracts B-wood celebrities who come to savour the delicious desi flavours of their vada pav!

Where: Shankar Vada Pav (Bandra King) Bandra Talao

Price: ₹31

#2. Ganesh Chaat

Ganesh Chaat House is yet another famous spot in Mumbai to grab a delish vada pav. Renowned mostly for their mouthwatering pani puri, ragda puri, and chhole pattice, the spot also offers a variety of vada pav options, including cheese vada pav, Schezwan vada pav, butter vada pav and more.

So in case you're tired of getting vada pav from your usual spot, give the one at Ganesh in Vile Parle a try. Don't forget to grab a pani puri or two on the go!

Where: Ganesh Chaat, Vile Parle East

Price: ₹16

#3. Subhash Vada Pav & Sweets

Subhash Vada Pav & Sweets is a humble sweet shop, with mithais displayed at the front. Their vada pav remains the most popular snack on their menu, flying off their shelves.

Besides the selection of sweets and vada pav, the store also offers a wide variety of farsan, snacks and even Indo-Chinese food!

Where: Subhash Vada Pav & Sweets, Linking Road, Bandra West

Price: ₹26

#4. Shreenath Sweets and Snacks

If you're in Santacruz, be sure to grab a vada pav at Shreenath Sweets and Snacks shop. This shop is not just popular for that, but you can also find other Maharashtrian snacks such as batata vada, samosa pav, samosa chat and a great selection of chaat. With a wide variety of farsan and other snacks, this shop truly has something for everyone.

Where: Shreenath Sweets and Snacks, Santacruz East

Price: ₹27

#5. Pappu Vada Pav

Picture this: You're strolling through the enchanting beachside lanes of Juhu on a cloudy evening. And you're suddenly craving a spicy vada pav, paired with some tea!

So if you're in the area, Pappu's Vada Pav in Juhu, is a must-visit. This modest kiosk is frequented by locals, for its simple yet filling offerings, and its vada pav, keeps folks coming back for more.

Where: Pappu Vada Pav, Church Road, Juhu

Price: ₹14

#6. Vidarbha Vada Pav

There's no secret ingredient to any successful recipe, and Vidarbha Vada Pav in Vile Parle proves just that! Serving aromatic bhajiyas, samosas, and the widely adored vada pav, the aroma of their fryums can literally draw you in if you're passing by.

This place is often swarmed with patrons craving their mouthwatering yet simple vada pav, priced at just ₹15!

Where: Vidarbha Vada Pav, Ram Mandir Rd, Navpada, Vile Parle East

#7. Babu Vada Pav

Babu Vada Pav in Vile Parle Station (VPS) is renowned for its authentic Maharashtraian taste. This kiosk initially served only vada pav (₹15) - batata vada wrapped between the soft pav, accompanied by spicy mint and coriander chutney, dry red garlic chutney, and fried green chillies. Mind it, this one can be super spicy! However, now they also have a variety of dishes like Patti Samosa, Pattice, and Khothimbir Vadi.

Where: Babu Vada Pav, Vishnu Prasad Society, Navpada, Vile Parle

Price: ₹15

#8. Parleshwar Vada Pav Samrat

If you find yourself in Vile Parle East, make sure to swing by Parleshwar Vada Pav Samrat at Bhogle Chowk. Originating in 2003 from a modest hath gaadi, this spot serves up a vada pav with a unique and flavourful filling, wrapped in a perfectly crisp exterior. With every delectable bite of Samrat's renowned Vada Pav, we are reminded that exceptional food transcends mere ingredients

Where: Bhogle Chowk, Vile Parle

Price: ₹18

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