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Goa curfew extended till 5th July due to rising threat of Delta Plus variant of COVID-19

Earlier, the curfew in Goa was scheduled to be lifted in the morning hours of June 28. However, on Saturday, the Chief Minister of Goa informed via Twitter that the state-level curfew will be extended till 5th July. This decision has been taken as a precautionary measure against the Delta Plus variant of COVID-19. While no cases of this new strain have been reported in Goa as of yet, its neighbouring state Maharashtra has recorded 21 cases, which is the highest tally noted among all states in India.

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Goa govt unsure of resuming tourism due to uncertainty of predicted third wave

Initially, the Chief Minister of Goa had announced that tourism shall be restarted once all state residents have received the first dose of the vaccine and it was expected that this target shall be achieved by 30 July. However, the unpredictability of the impending third wave of COVID-19 has had an impact on the government's decisions related to tourism. It has been reported that the state government is yet to give its final decision in this regard.

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Goa govt ties with Art of Living for a 3-day online health management session for staff

Administrative officials' mental health and physical resilience have been severely dented during the second swell of the pandemic. Keeping in mind their overall well-being, the Goa government will conduct online training sessions to boost immunity and promote the welfare of the government servants. These sessions will be done in association with the Art of Living Foundation and it is expected that it will help the trainees in overcoming COVID related challenges, as they perform their duties.

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TTAG proposes measures for pandemic management as Goa gears up to welcome tourists

With the second surge of the pandemic ebbing across Goa, the state is slowly opening its gates for tourists. However, efforts towards better pandemic management are being ensured this time around by enforcing strict protocols for tourists.

In this regard, special quarantine centres are expected to be functional for tourists which will also act as a safety net for citizens of Goa. Other requests, apart from cancelling mass events like the Sunburn Festival, have been sent to the state government via a letter by the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa.

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Tika Utsav 3.0 to commence in Goa with focus on vaccination of the rural population

After the success registered during the first two Tika Utsavs in Goa, the Chief Minister has encouraged the officials to conduct its third edition. Tika Utsav 3.0 will be launched in the rural parts of the state and will be especially for individuals falling in the 18-44 age group. With the cooperation of the masses, it is expected that this walk-in vaccination will help in immunizing the majority of the population against Covid.

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