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IIT Kanpur's upcoming Centre for Drones to bolster the mission of 'Make in India'

At present, companies in India have to depend on America, Australia and European countries, to provide necessary equipment for drone manufacturing. However, IIT Kanpur is preparing to bolster technological advancements in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, thereby furthering the dream of 'Make in India'. A Centre for Drones shall soon be opened here and a proposal for the same has been sent to the Home Ministry for approval.

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With its multiple advanced features, IIT Kanpur's Drone Vibhram wins global recognition

A centre of quality research and exceptional innovations, IIT Kanpur has garnered international acclaim for a wide list of interesting projects. As per the latest developments, Drone Vibhram developed at the institute has won appreciation across multiple countries, including the USA, Israel, Australia, France, China, England and others. Reportedly, the drone received awards in three categories at an online competition organised by the National Institute of Standard and Technology in the USA.

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With potential for vaccine distribution, IIT-Kanpur's unmanned drone-helicopter is first of its kind

Standing up to its brand name, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur(IIT-K) has always been a hub of progressive innovations. In recent times, the institute has worked on multiple projects to revolutionise the field of avian technology. Associating with a start-up company called EndureAir, the Aeronautics Department at IIT-K has produced an unmanned drone-helicopter which would be an interesting addition to the country's aircraft ensemble.

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