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Installation of the remaining 10 oxygen plants in Indore may get delayed due to a supply dearth

It is expected that the installation of all 47 oxygen plants in Indore, may take longer than the proposed deadline. The district had earlier planned to complete the project by September 30, however, only 32 plants are presently operational here. While the work of about 5 other plants is underway, the remaining 10 units may not see the light of the day soon due to a difference in supply and demand, informed official authorities.

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Ahead of the expected 'third wave', 22 more oxygen plants to become functional in Indore

The Madhya Pradesh Disaster Management Advisory Committee has set the ball rolling for the establishment of 48 oxygen plants across public and private hospitals in Indore. This rampant infrastructure boot has been channeled in view of the expected rise of the 'third wave' of the coronavirus pandemic. As per reports, 26 out of the 48 O2 generation units have already been set up in Indore, while the remaining 22 will be provisioned in the next 15 days.

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Over 180 new oxygen plants to come up across Indore & other MP districts to tackle 3rd wave

Strengthening the medical infrastructure for combating the expected third wave, the Madhya Pradesh government has amped up measures in this regard. As per the latest developments, 189 oxygen plants are being established in the state and it is anticipated that the facilities will be operational by September this year. Informing about the interventions, Madhya Pradesh Public Health and Family Welfare Minister stated that pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants are being installed.

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Oxygen plants set up across 20 hospitals in Indore to fight the expected third wave

In view of the gruesome oxygen supply issues witnessed during the second wave of the pandemic, the authorities in Indore have amplified efforts to make the city self-sufficient. As per reports, oxygen plants have been installed across 20 hospitals in the city in an attempt to battle against the anticipated third wave of the virus. Reportedly, the medical facilities have now got an aggregated supply of more than 60 tonnes of oxygen with the launch of the systems.

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Indore aims to become a self-sufficient generator of LMO ahead of expected third wave

Amid the alarms of an approaching third COVID wave, Indore has buckled up to become a self-sufficient producer of medical oxygen. The motive to achieve this status has aggravated since the advent of the recent wave of COVID-19 in the district, which exposed the lack of supplies, amenities and medical utilities to tackle the pandemic. To ensure this, around 40 hospitals in Indore will set up oxygen generating plants.

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