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Craving a snack with chai? Try out Indore's Bina Tala Samosa, for a taste of the city's speciality

Indore is an undisputed haven for street food lovers and among the drool-worthy delicacies available here, is Bina Tala Samosa. While you must've tasted different kinds of samosas, this hatke version will push your love for the generic samosa into oblivion. So if the mere thought of this crispy and flaky street food tingles your tastebuds, then the Sanchi Point located opposite Abhay Prashal, is where you need to be!
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This stall at Indore's Sarafa Bazar will give you beach feels with its coconut crush in a kulhad!

We all have dearly missed relishing our favourite street-food and the woes run even deeper if you are in India's very own food city Indore. With hygiene, safety and health glaring at us as precautions, we have found you a solution that'll surely refresh you! This tiny roadside-stall can be spotted in Indore's Sarafa Bazar and is famed for serving kulhad coconut crush made of real coconut flesh and water. So what are you waiting for, mask-up and get going to bless your soul with those beachy-vibes in Indore!

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This winter season, relish the sweet flavours of Indore's famous Mawa Jalebi!

A custom delicacy of the Indore city, the 'Mawa Jalebi', also known as Burhanpur Ki Jalebi is a richer and more elaborate rendition of the traditional Indian jalebi. While the usual jalebi has a crisp crust and a gooey, warm centre caramel filling, Indore's Mawa jalebi is sweeter in taste and mushier in texture. Appeasing your sweet tooth with its heavenly flavours, wrapped with the essence of cardamom and saffron, it's a must-try when you are in the city of Indore.

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Indore has an all-new Swachh Pani-Puri Vending Machine & you need to visit it ASAP!

The city of Indore now has a pani-puri vending machine and we can not elaborate on how cool it is! This zero-human contact, 'Swachh Panipuri' street food stall located at the Saket Square, Nagar Nigam Market has to be your next stop to satisfy all your chaat cravings!

Pani-puri, or fulka as it is lovingly called in Indore, is that one street food which was missed the most during the lockdown. The love for pani-puri, actually made the people turn chefs as they started preparing the puchkas at home. Now, even though the markets and gol-gappa vendors are back in action, the question of safety and hygiene still remains while heading out. But with this new and innovative pani-puri vending machine in your city, you can eat to your heart's content, without having to worry about anything.

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Here's a list of 13 famous dishes from Indore that are a must try!

There is no love greater love than the love for food and all Indoris will too agree with this saying. Indore is a certified haven for all the foodies and if there is one thing that Indoris love sincerely, it is the taste of the amazing grub this city has to offer.

The city offers a wide variety of lip-smacking food, with options that suit every palate. Though you can find literally everything you crave in the city, there are certain dishes unique to Indore and if you have not tried them yet, well, now is a good time!

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