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Officials of Indore's Manpur are drumming for attention; here's why!

In an incredible initiative, officials in Manpur town of Indore deployed drum-beating to motivate citizens for taking the COVID vaccine jab. As a part of this venture, the activity was performed outside the homes of individuals, who have not taken their immunity booster doses till now. Reportedly, this scheme has been executed with an objective to encourage non-vaccinated citizens by boosting their curiosity and spreading awareness amongst them.

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Indore achieves 2.23 lakh vaccine coverage on Monday, the highest single-day tally in India

In a milestone achievement, Indore has logged its name as the first district in India to administer about 2.23 lakh COVID vaccines in a single day. With 665 active inoculation sites on Monday, Indore conducted a successful dynamic immunity drive, rising to the first position in vaccination, just like its lauded cleanliness model.

Reportedly, this rapid scale of anti-virus jab administration was noted to be a state phenomenon. Madhya Pradesh too, emerged as the largest inoculator among all states and UTs in India with over 16 lakh jabs.

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Indore to get special vaccination camps for labourers, domestic help washermen & salon workers!

In a bid to diversify the COVID vaccination drive in Indore, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to establish special centres of inoculation here. An official release highlighted that these sites will primarily cater the anti-infection jab to labourers, domestic help, washermen, along with workers and others who are more exposed to direct human contact. However, the starting date of the camps was not specified in this notification.

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Indore's vaccination tallies break all records with more than 75k jabs given on a single day!

In a remarkable victory, vaccination drives in Indore registered a new record with the inoculation of more than 75,000 beneficiaries on Saturday. As per reports, the maximum count of vaccinated individuals lies in the 18-44 category, for this day. Besides, large numbers of senior citizens and those in the 45+ category also received their immunity booster jabs. As of now, a total of 14,33,246 doses of the lifesaving vaccine have been administered to residents across the city.

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Indore launches targeted 15-day vax drive to innoculate people in high-risk categories

The Indore district health authorities have decided to launch a special 15-day COVID vaccination drive, targeted at people falling in high-risk categories. The Indore District Immunisation Officer further informed that on-spot registrations will be provisioned at the 19 zonal offices of IMC for these groups, to expedite the inoculation campaign.

These vulnerable groups consist of bank employees, private school teacher, staffers at chemist and petrol pump associations, house help and maids along with fruit vendors, labourers as they are more susceptible to the virus due to increased human contact.

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