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In a first since April '20, Jaipur reports 0 new COVID cases in the past 48 hours!

In a strong recovery trend, Jaipur has recorded zero fresh COVID cases for two consecutive days on Thursday, for the first time since April 2020. While the city continues to nurse 30 active patients, the highest number across all Rajasthan districts, it also holds the record of yielding maximum recoveries in the state. Besides, Jaipur has not reported even a single COVID death since June, this year.

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Zero fresh COVID-19 cases reported in Jaipur in the last 24 hours

For the first time since the beginning of September, Jaipur reported zero fresh COVID-19 cases on Sunday. This ushers a much-needed pandemic relief for the district, which was yielding the Rajasthan's highest share of fresh cases, every day. The coronavirus active load is presently limited to only 30 patients in Jaipur, marking a significant healing trend here.

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Jaipur records 345 new coronavirus cases along with 249 recoveries, on Monday

Though restricted at 0.9%, the virus growth and contagious transmission in the Pink City made its presence felt on Monday when Jaipur recorded 345 fresh COVID-19 cases, higher than daily 249 recoveries. With this addition, Jaipur's total caseload stands at 36,356 with 31,329 recoveries and 386 fatalities.

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Recoveries exceed new COVID-19 cases in Jaipur now for almost two consecutive weeks!

With the coronavirus growth rate looming at 1.2% in Jaipur, the falling number of new cases and surging recoveries project a scenario of COVID control in the state capital. Recording 371 new infections on Monday, the city has succeeded in keeping the tally of active cases from marking a positive count for 10 days in succession. The containment of the virus has been made possible due to a positive recovery to new case ratio in the last ten days, with an average of 546 daily recoveries.

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